Oprah Winfrey Eulogy for Rosa Parks Analysis

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This paper will measure the Oprah Winfrey Eulogy for Rosa Parks “…God uses good people to make great things. ” The intent of this address to measure Oprah Winfrey address using the critical thought accomplishments that have been acquired during term. The paper explains the intent of the address every bit good as replies inquiries to why words or stages were selected.

Given the General Education Assignment in my Critical Thinking category was to measure the celebrated eulogium that Oprah Winfrey had spoken on October 31. 2005 at Metropolitan AME Church in Washington. D. C. for Rosa Parks. This address was given in forepart of Reverend Braxton. household. friend. supporters. and the astonishing choir. The intent of this address was for people to understand immature Oprah’s Winfrey grasp of Rosa Parks and what she did Oprah’s address is about the consequence that Rosa Parks had on her as a kid turning up in the South. during tallness of the Civil Rights Movement. Oprah remembered as a kid. how her male parent explained to her about this coloured adult female ( Rosa Parks ) who had refused to give up her place and in her head. she thought “she must be truly large. ”

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Oprah imagined that Rosa Parks must be at least 100 pess tall and must be a loyalist. strong. and transporting a shield to keep back all the white folks. This is particularly important. sing that unlike the few black public figures of the clip who were curates. jocks. and entertainers. Rosa Parks was a regular individual. a house keeper who rode the coach like immature Oprah herself. Oprah Winfrey began to province how it was an award for her as a “colored person” to be able to show a address for a good known African American female hero. I personally found it interesting that Oprah used the term “colored” to depict African American people sing it’s been deemed inappropriate for the better portion of the last 40 old ages or so. This term “colored” is offset by a set of citations which relates back to Fundamentalss of Critical Thinking by Burton Porter in Chapter 2. where he states that in the procedure of communicating we normally employ words to convey some significance. but on occasion we refer merely to the words themselves and non to what they convey.

We know that in this instance Oprah was utilizing this word because it had a peculiar significance which grouped all African American people. Oprah deliberately used this term that was looked at every bit negative at the clip to laud Rosa Park’s and her achievements This relates to how laden people has used footings to minimize them and turn them around as footings of endearment or pride. Oprah’s address went on to depict how Rosa’s sacrifices inspired her to go the adult female that she became today. “Without that inspiration. after being raped at age 9 and holding a babe at age 14. she may non hold been able to work on the wireless while still in high school or co-anchored the local eventide intelligence at age 19. ” World Wide Web. Oprah. com Oprah Winfrey was headed towards to the life of being a regular individual merely as Rosa Parks. populating a normal life as many other African Americans. contending for equal rights.

Oprah besides thanked Rosa for herself. and for every coloured miss. and colored male childs. who didn’t have heroes who were celebrated. Mentioning back to Porter in Chapter 10. this was an inductive generalisation of Rosa Park’s impact on Oprah and the universe in general. Inductive generalisation tends to acquire us in problem as if did for Oprah in this address because there was merely a few sample statements based on one or two cases where a decision was drawn. Porter quotes George Hegel “An thought is ever a generalisation. and generalisation is a belongings of thought ; to generalise agencies to believe. ” I would personally state this address was really informal as it didn’t give specific illustrations of how Rosa actions impacted Oprah’s flight.

There is no unequivocal grounds that what Rosa Parks did wedged Oprah traveling on to go the most successful talk show host in the history of broadcast medium. Don’t tell that to Oprah because she stated herself that she would non be where she is today if it had non been for Rosa Parks.

Overall. I believe that although this was an inductive address. it highlighted Rosa Park’s impact on Oprah Winfrey and the Country in general. The linguistic communication and nomenclature used in this address does associate closely to the apprehension of today’s literature. This address was presented in a really consecutive forward manner. The fact that Rosa Park’s did non give up her place on the coach. to a white male. has made history for the Equal Rights Movement.


1. World Wide Web. Oprah. com2. The Fundaments of Critical Thinking. Burton F. Porter Copyright 2002.

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