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Rosa Lee Parks Research Paper Rosa

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Rosa Lee Parks Essay, Research Paper

Rosa Lee Parks This month I nominate Rosa Parks into the Justice Hall of Fame. She was a black civil rights advocator. She was born on Feb. 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Ala. , and is still alive today. Parks briefly attended Alabama State Teacher College, which is now known as Alabama State University. She subsequently moved to Montgomery, Ala. , where, on her manner place from work one twenty-four hours in 1955, she was told by a coach driver to give up her place for a white adult male.

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Rosa Lee Parks Research Paper Rosa
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Back so inkinesss were required, by jurisprudence, to sit in separate rows than Whites on the coach. Parks violated this jurisprudence, hence, was arrested and fined. She refused to give up her place in the center of the coach when a white individual wanted to sit in her row. The forepart rows were for Whites merely. The jurisprudence required inkinesss to go forth in-between rows when all seats in the forepart rows were taken and Whites wanted to sit in the center.

Parks arrest motivated local black leaders to take action. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , led a boycott of the coach company that lasted more than a twelvemonth. Resistance to black demands for the integration of Montgomery s coachs was eventually overcome when the Supreme Court ruled in November 1956 that the segregation of public transit installations was unconstitutional. The metropolis authorities so agreed to desegrated busing. The boycott involved the inkinesss who took the coach to halt making so. Alternatively of utilizing the coach they auto pooled, walked, or sit a motorcycle. The Montgomery boycott was really successful and made King widely known. It besides led to mass protests demanding civil rights for inkinesss. Because of this, Parks is sometimes called the female parent of the modern civil rights motion and was a symbol of the power of non-violent action. Parks was a dressmaker and lost her occupation as a consequence of the Montgomery protest. She

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moved to Detroit in 1957. In 1967, she joined the Detroit staff of John Conyers, Jr. , a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives. I picked Rosa Parks to be in the Justice Hall of Fame because she played a large portion in assisting inkinesss to acquire their rights. By go againsting the Jim Crow legislative acts, she sparked a yearlong black boycott of the metropolis buses. It besides served notice throughout the South that inkinesss would no longer subject meekly to the absurdnesss and indignities of segregation. Park knew that what she was making was against the jurisprudence and she would be arrested. This did non affair to her. Parks, like many other inkinesss, was tired of the intervention they received from Whites. What separated her from those other inkinesss was that she had the bravery and courage to take action. Parks used her right from the first amendment saying freedom of address. She demonstrated this right in a non-violent manner which led to a bigger non-violent boycott led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Rosa Parks may hold lost her occupation because of her actions, but she gained something much greater. She gained the regard and esteem from fellow black Americans, and even some Whites. She started the civil rights motions that ended segregation on coachs and besides sparked reactions by others to organize further civil rights actions. Because of Parks bravery, the Southern Christian Leadership Council established the Rosa Parks Freedom Award in her award. In 1979, she won the NAACP S Springarn Medal. Rosa Parks decidedly changed history. Without her, who knows how America would hold turned out. Today there may still be segregation or unfair Torahs against inkinesss. Rosa Parks should be in the Justice Hall of Fame because she showed justness by conveying justness to this state. That s why she is known as the female parent of the civil rights motion.

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