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Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman were two African- American women who made a big impact in the U.S. They share some similarities, but have many differences towards them as well. These two women were born in times that were more difficult than we would expect. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery, and Parks was born into segregation. Even though they were both born in difficult times they still managed to make a difference in our nation.

Harriet Tubman was a brave woman. Tubman was born Dorchester County, Maryland as a slave. Though Tubman may have been born into slavery she was willing to take the risk of becoming free. Harriet Tubman “escaped to freedom in the North in 1849 escaped to freedom in the North in 1849 to become the most famous conductor [of] the underground railroad.”(“Harriet Tubman”, Before Harriet Tubman would escape to freedom she changed her name so that it would be more difficult for people to track her. Harriet’s original name was Araminta Ross, but would later change it to Harriet Tubman. When Harriet escaped to freedom it as decided that her husband John Tubman was supposed to join her, but he ended up staying in Maryland. When John Davis chose to stay in Maryland he met someone new and would end up getting married. Even though Harriet’s marriage to John ended, it did not stop her from meeting someone new. Later, through the years she would end up meeting civil war veteran Nelson Davis at her boarding house in Auburn. Harriet Tubman is famously known for being the “conductor” of the underground railroad but also worked for the Union Army as a cook, nurse, and spy. Tubman was said to free over three-hundred slaves.

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Although Harriet Tubman had the energy to do many jobs, Tubman’s health was not in the best condition. Harriet suffered from black-out spells due to being crippled by her owner at the time when she was a slave. Harriet’s slave owner injured her by throwing a large weight across the room due to Harriet’s attempt to escape. The large weight stuck Harriet in the head but was given little medical attention or time to recuperate before she had to go back to work. Tubman never fully recovered and suffered severe damage to her skull causing her seizures and life-long headaches. Harriet’s dreadful injury caused her to have problems carrying children, but it did not stop her from becoming a mother. Tubman and Nelson Davis ended up adopting Gertie Davis in 1874. Since Nelson Davis suffered from tuberculosis he could not keep a steady job, leaving many responsibilities to Tubman. On October 18, 1888, Nelson Davis passed away. Later, on March 10, 1913, Tubman died of pneumonia surrounded by her friends and family.

Before her death, her final words were “ I go prepare a place for you.”Rosa Parks was born on February 4,1 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Park’s original name before getting married was Rosa Louise McCauley. Park’s childhood was filled with racial discrimination. Park’s “attended a segregated, one-room school in Pine Level, Alabama, that often lacked adequate school supplies such as desks, [books, etc.].”(“Rosa Parks”, White students would be provided bus transportation as well as a new school.  building while the others would be forced to walk. In 11th grade, Rosa had to drop out of school due to her mother and grandmother’s indisposed health. Over the time Parks did not return to school but instead worked for a t-shirt factory in Montgomery. At just the age of nineteen Rosa married Raymond Parks who was an activist in the civil rights movement, and a barber. Raymond Parks later encourage Rosa to finish school, and soon they would both be a part of the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks made history on December 1, 1955. Busses were required to separate the white and black passengers by having the front of the bus for the white and the African-American passengers. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks parks were sitting in the front of the bus refusing to give up her seat but later ended up getting arrested.  Parks “refusal was not because she was physically tired, but she was tired of [having to live the way the law demanded them to live].” (“Rosa Parks,”

On December 5, 1955, African-American stopped riding the city buses as a protest for Park’s arrest. African-Americans would walk to work or take a cab. The Boycott successfully lasted three hundred eighty-one days. Rosa Parks became a symbol of the civil rights movement. Her hard work and dedication to fight for what she believed in encouraged many others to do the same. Both Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are two women who made an impact in our Union. They both lived through times that others could not imagine living in. Parks was born during segregation, and Tubman was born into slavery. These two African-American women both made a difference in their own way. Although they are two very well known leaders and helped others through their struggles. They had struggled of their own. Both Parks and Tubman had financial problems. Park’s and Tubman were both activist and enjoyed helping others, but they could not make enough money to support their whole community. Both of their childhoods had struggled in them. Harriet suffered by being owned as a slave, and Parks suffered by having to live through racial segregation. Harriet and Parks are both known for marrying free men. Harriet married John Tubman, and Rosa married Raymond Parks who was a white man. These two women wanted to form an egalitarian society. They wanted to make a change. Years have passed and both Parks and Tubman are still being venerated by many.

Harriet Tubman died the Year Rosa Parks was born. Parks was born on February 4, 1913, and Tubman died March 19, 1913. It is as if a legacy was leaving and a new one was about to start. Out of the two, the most impactful was Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks helped start a movement. By taking a stand she helped motivate other to take a stand with her. Harriet Tubman did help many people, but she only helped by freeing them. Tubman was a famous “conductor” because she was good at her job, but that does not mean someone else could have done the same.Rosa Parks helped make an impact. Parks helped by making Boycotts and bringing the African-American community together. Parks was courageous and obstinate, she would always try to make a change even if obstacles were coming her way. Both Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks made an impact, but Rosa helped make a greater one.

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