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Biomedical science personal statement

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People always have longer-life expectancy as no one wants their life to be threatened by fatal illnesses. Therefore, groups of researchers that work incredibly hard to discover new ways for treating disease is the more significant and indispensable part of the healthcare. I am always curious in striving to know the mystery of the human body and how it functions. This is why I would like to contribute to advances in the medical profession because there are still lots of existing problems.

For instance, the possibility of invalidity in most of our antibiotics we are using now due to the evolution of bacteria. I believe that with my desire in discovering the truth of these unsolved issues, biomedical science would be the best way to fulfil my ambitions. My love for biology has deepened after reading the book ‘The Human Body’ that is written by Gillian Pocock and Christopher D. Richards.

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Biomedical science personal statement
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This enriches my knowledge in biomedical and health sciences as well as discovering a lot of interesting topics that would not be taught in lessons; this includes the causes of disorders in erythrocytes and neutrophils which I think it is one of the most wonderful and explicit systems in the human body.

Reading books like this gives me a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction as I get to learn more and more about these topics and read outside of the syllabus. My intention and determination to seek for biomedical science is influenced by the choices of my A level subjects. Chemistry and Biology are my two favourite subjects; I find it is fascinating to be able to discover more about the two associated subjects by combining them to learn more about biochemistry. Mathematics has also made a massive contribution as it has given me the ability to prepare myself to meet challenging tasks such as to think logically in analysing samples of diseases and being careful in doing experiment in order to get an accurate result. I hope that I can apply all of this in biomedical science which I believe is the most suitable area for me to dedicate my studies. I chose to expand my knowledge of first aid and by becoming a volunteer with the St John ambulance because I have always wanted to be more involved in social care. This experience now enables me to apply the skills that I have learnt from the lessons when necessary.

I also volunteered to work in a second hand book store in the summer of 2012 and this work experience allowed me to meet different groups of people and to work efficiently. It has, in turn; helped to build up an array of life skills such as confidence when serving customers and learn to work under stress which I think will be important and useful later in life involving as a biomedical scientist. Apart from having a keen interest in the academic field, I am very fond of music whether it is enjoying listening to different genres and styles of music or being involved as a musician. The love I have for music is evident in the fact that I have been playing the piano for over 10 years and in that time have achieved a grade 8 qualification. With this ability, I participated in the school music performance and volunteered to help with the music department on a school open day. As well as this, I have achieved a grade 5 in music theory and enjoy playing the guitar in my spare time. I am also a vocalist in a band in which I enjoy playing rock and pop music.

This is an experience which makes me keener and positive that I will be able collaborate in a team; a skill I believe to be a very important aspect of being a biomedical scientist – where teamwork will be necessary. I understand and appreciate that life in university is going to be a unique step for me. As well as to maintain my academic side, I would love to continue my interest and hobbies in university in order to provide a healthy balance in my life. This also helps to increase my ability in time management; I believe studying biomedical science will conclusively not cause pressure for me, but allow me to have an enjoyable and exciting life experience. I am sure that in the future it will provide a perfect opportunity for me on the path of becoming a fully skilled biomedical scientist.

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