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What inspired this person to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science? It all started when their brother gave them a laptop. Initially, like most kids, they used it for gaming. However, their curiosity about how the computer worked grew. They were fascinated by the graphics and how the computer interpreted their actions. Over time, they realized that behind the screen, there was nothing but a few lines of code. This sense of wonder and desire for knowledge drove them towards a career in computers.

After gaining a solid understanding of the basics during high school, I embarked on a four-year undergraduate degree and now I am eager to pursue a master’s degree to further explore my childhood dream: comprehending the inner workings of computers. Throughout my academic journey, I consistently showcased a strong affinity for mathematics – achieving an impressive 96% in 10th grade and earning an A+ in my first year of undergraduate studies. This growing passion for mathematics greatly influenced my analytical thinking and decision-making skills, resulting in me choosing to pursue a computer science degree for my undergraduate studies. Thankfully, I was accepted into xyz college, one of India’s top-ranked engineering institutes.

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The courses in Information Science provided me with a strong foundation in the basics. The laboratory courses enhanced my understanding, and the demanding assignments improved my technical and programming skills. Additionally, I engaged in extracurricular activities and organized technical events, fostering teamwork and leadership qualities. By participating in these events, I learned how to interact with others and make decisions. Lastly, as part of a team of 2, I constructed a “Wikipedia Search Engine” for my final year thesis project.

We came across a fascinating project on the Computer Science website of abc University. Intrigued, we decided to take on the challenge and test our knowledge. The project involved building a search engine that could semantically search Wikipedia and present links to Wiki pages closely related to a user’s query. The search engine would take a user’s phrase as input, navigate to the relevant Wikipedia page, extract all internal links, and populate the search page with these links based on the frequency of the input phrase, displaying them in descending order of their score.

This project provided me with a comprehensive grasp of Java and database principles. During my third year, I developed a website for the Department of Environmental Science, which honed my proficiency in JavaScript, .NET, and CSS. While pursuing further education was crucial, I acknowledged the significance of acquiring practical work experience to supplement my understanding of the field. Subsequently, I joined Mind Tree where I underwent training.

I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for NET technology when I began my project. It made me realize the distinction between academic coursework over four years of college and the practical knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the business world. I spent 10 months at Mindtree before being offered a position at McAfee, a leading global company in network and security. This work experience proved to be highly valuable for me on multiple levels. The amount of careful thought and planning involved in product development is immense. Working at pqr and fgh provided me with unique and contrasting experiences.

The previous experience enhanced my research abilities, while the current experience has developed teamwork and collaborative skills with colleagues and superiors. It also helped me embrace challenges in learning new domains and technologies, familiarize myself with unfamiliar concepts, and cultivate professionalism. In my past role at a different company, I worked as a .Net technology and database specialist. However, currently I am employed as a quality assurance engineer at my present company.

Having gained experience in the corporate world and acknowledging my strengths, I believe it is now the ideal time to further my studies and become a leader in my area of interest. I strongly believe that pursuing graduate studies with a research focus will allow me to gain extensive knowledge in computer science and ultimately propel me to new heights in my professional journey. I am confident that obtaining higher education will provide the necessary impetus for a research career and offer ample opportunities for growth in my chosen field. I have recognized your University as one of the premier institutions for pursuing graduate studies with a research emphasis.

I am excited to learn from the esteemed faculty members at the University. The Department of Computer Science’s website has been incredibly useful in providing relevant information. It has given me a clear understanding of the available courses, which I believe will greatly contribute to achieving my goals. I am confident in my qualifications, intellectual capacity, and strong personal drive to successfully complete both research work and courses.

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