Are Leaders Born or Made?

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According to research, there are specific personality traits that define a natural born leader. These traits include socialability, self confidence, assertiveness, boldness, and leadership. A natural born leader is willing to lead, has the social skills and confidence to take on team responsibilities, and tests highly in these areas. Socialability measures how well someone interacts with others, self confidence is the belief in one’s ability to succeed, assertiveness is the ability to be forceful in order to get things done, and boldness is the willingness to take risks. Leadership is measured by a person’s willingness to lead, but a natural born leader will still have strong leadership qualities. Overall, if someone scores highly in all five areas, they can be considered a natural born leader in a corporate setting.

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Are leaders born or are they made ? There is evidence to prove that there is a Personality Profile that exists that is a Natural Born Leader. In Fact there are 5 specific Personality Traits that define a Natural Born Leader.

A Natural Born Leader is someone who is willing to lead and has the social ability, self confidence, assertiveness and boldness to take on team responsibilities and Lead others. These profiles can be tested and proven. A Natural born leader will test extremely high in areas of Socialability, Self Confidence, Assertiveness, and Boldness.Leadership is another Personality Trait that comes into play but I will explain that later.

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These definiition are specifically define and can be tested and measured based on specific questions. Below are the definitions of Socialability, Self Confidence, Assertiveness and Boldness and Leadership. 1) Socialability – Good natured Extroverted, outgoing, friendly, gregarious, neighborly, congenial. Warmhearted individuals who enjoy interacting and participating with others.

They greet strangers openly, are quick to form friendships, and enjoy careers dealing with people rather than things.They are rarely content in solitary work. People that rate a 8 or higher in Socialability out of a scale of 10 are usually happier people in general. This is a Peronality trait that shows how well someone will interact with everyone in their sphere of influence (Spouse, Boss, Associate, Freind, Employee).

Self Confidence- #1 Trait – Determines Success Self-assured, certain, secure, brave, fulfilled, poised, self-reliant. Believe they have the knowledge and ability to be successful at whatever they attempt. Cope successfully with challenges and are not easily discouraged.Handle unexpected situations well, make decisions with assurance, and are quick to express ideas and opinions.

Assertiveness -Aggressive, persuasive, influential, headstrong, opinionated, possibly argumentative and hostile. Believe that being assertive and taking the offensive is essential to attaining success. They make things happen, rather than waiting for them to happen, and are willing to be forceful in order to get a job done. May be authoritarian.

Boldness- Adventurous, daring, carefree, brave, courageous, audacious, fearless. Uninhibited individuals who are willing to try new and different experiences.They can function normally even in unfamiliar environments, and are quick to accept challenges and willing to take risks to accomplish their objectives. May be pushy and ignore warning signs.

Another Personality Trait that can be measured is actually called Leadership. It is defined as Dominant, influential, controlling, dynamic, commanding, forceful, directing, authoritative. Very strong desire to control, influence and direct others. Assume the role of leader naturally and enjoy the responsibility and challenge of being in charge.

Have an active leadership style, and are quick to take control of situations.However the Leadership Trait is measuring a persons willingness to lead. A person may be a great leader but not willing to lead their sons t-ball team or the parent teacher association as they may not have the time to do so. So they may be reluctant to take on those responsibilities.

So their Leadership attitude measurement be a lower score. The natuaral born leadership qualities are still their and when they do get invovled in areas that they want to devote their time they will natuarally take on leadership roles. In a corporate setting if you find someone that is high all 5 areas you have a natural born leader.

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