Brand Identity Prism of Raymonds and Arrow Essay

KOLKATA DEPARTMENT OF FASHION MANGEMENT STUDIES Subject: Fashion Brand Management Topic: Comparative study of the Brand Identity of two Fashion Brands Arrow & Raymond Premium Apparel Submitted to: Mrs. Bharti Moitra Submitted By: Nancy Mehta Roll no.27 MFM (Sem-II) Brand Identity Brand identity is a unique set of brand associations that the brand strategist applies to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand stands for and imply a promise to the customers from the organization members. Modern theories say that a brand identity provides not only the personality of the brand but also the direction, purpose and meaning for the brand.

Brand identity is the aggregation of what all you (i.e. an …show more content…

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Brand Identity Prism of Raymonds and Arrow
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Arrow was popular among the older business class. The company felt that the brand is losing its position among the emerging young turks. In 2008 the company designed to reposition itself to target the youth. Today’s Arrow Collar Man is a modern symbol of masculine American style.

Cluett Peabody is committed to providing worldwide quality ARROW brand apparel products that embody the heritage of the brand and deliver superior quality to consumers. One hundred and sixty years ago, the detachable collar was the innovation that changed an industry. Today, the ARROW brand represents another novel idea to modern men: choose value but never sacrifice style. The brand adopted a new tagline “When You Know “. Arrow had established itself in the market not because of its campaigns but because of the quality, premiumness and exclusivity. BRAND IDENTITY PRISM Raymond Premium Apparel Raymond, the name is synonymous with the values of trust, heritage & excellence. A name that has over eight decades epitomized consumer ‘s trust into its offerings into the company ‘s unflinching faith in the quality of its product. And now these values have been extended to the range of readymade garments – ‘Raymond Premium Apparel ‘. Raymond Premium Apparel is a premium formal wear brand which is positioned to offer classic garments with impeccable fits and inviting styles to the Global Indian. The product is made only from premium Raymond fabrics. The brand .

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