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Stella Mccartney's Brand Identity Essay

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Moreover, Stella McCartney provides massive information about its brand thus maintaining the brand identity and image to build brand communication between brand and customer. Not only express it self but also exactly consider about what customer will perceived from the brand (See Figure 2). According to Keller (2012) state that brand identity and image as two key vital tools to manage brands effectively, Furthermore, as shown Figure 2, Brand identity at the sender side, to deliver such as brand meaning, aim. Also, it exist the other source: firstly, company might consider the mimicry situation and marketing area; second, Stella create hers company exactly based on hers lifelong vegetarian faith.

Message side shows the nature factors of …show more content…

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Stella Mccartney's Brand Identity
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After that, Stella further brand image marketing it into broad market, customer recognize and be attracted by it unique parts. Hence, through the social media and marketing methods steady the relationship between Stella and consumers (Keller, 2003). Additionally, the Pine and Gilmore (2014) emphasize the brand progression of economic value on differentiation economic value model (Figure 4).

It demonstrates a long-term brand experience economy with taking action to the process of products to service. This structured process also support Stella to innovate its value transformation value with new customer experience. Task 3 – Emerging Concepts and Principles Social media as an effective channel with several platforms (Figure 5) already permeate into human life. Brand need share its stories to consumer. Therefore, because of the high rate of utilize of social media, and it dynamic, visible, universal attributes customer generated brand story in digital marketing methods becomes more effective. (Gensler et al, 2013). Figure 5. Different platforms in digital media. (Rowles, 2014) In order to enhance the connection between customer and brand, improve the ‘engage with’ concept that promote brand image. (Rowles, 2014) Stella McCartney did advanced digital strategy with iPad app, so that release a new detailed application which mimics the interactive magazine for tech-savvy customers who can engaging better with massive online latest information of the brand (Finocchiaro, .

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