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Nike is a well-known athletic shoe and clothing manufacturer with its iconic ‘Swoosh’ logo being one of the most recognized brand logos globally. Nike has become a world leader in the sportswear industry, offering everything from athletic shoes to sports equipment and apparel to accessories. The company’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Nike has also sponsored many football teams and footballers, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who promotes the brand through advertisements and TV appearances. The company’s first logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 and was later changed to ‘Swoosh’ to describe the fibres used in Nike shoes. The Nike SWOOSH logo represents the wing in the famous statue of the Greek Goddess of victory Nike. Nike’s purpose is to be known everywhere, and they want people to identify that it’s Nike. The company’s goal is to boost global sales through celebrity endorsements and inspiring people to buy their products.

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The iconic swoosh, a symbol recognized worldwide, represents Nike Inc., the well-known manufacturer of athletic shoes and clothing. Nike has grown from modest beginnings to have a global impact and revolutionize the sportswear industry. This includes transforming not only athletic shoes but also sports equipment, apparel, and accessories. Esteemed athletes like Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, and the Williams sisters have endorsed Nike as they align with their mission to inspire and innovate for athletes around the world.

Nike aims for immediate brand recognition by sponsoring various football teams through kits and endorsing footballers who wear their shoes. Created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson for just $35 (despite initial reservations from founder Phil Knight of Blue Ribbon Sports Inc.), the famous logo featuring the swoosh was ultimately chosen as Nike’s emblem. The swoosh represents the wing found on the statue of Nike – the Greek Goddess of victory – which has served as inspiration for countless brave warriors throughout history.

Legend has it that Greeks would exclaim “Nike” when achieving victory in battle. Originally referred to as ‘the strip,’ it was later renamed ‘Swoosh’ to reflect materials used in Nike shoes. The logo made its debut on a shoe in spring 1972 with tremendous success.Nike is endorsed by prominent figures around the world through advertisements and television appearances, where they are seen wearing the brand. Cristiano Ronaldo, an influential figure who passionately supports Nike, is one of the celebrities who greatly contribute to the brand’s global sales growth and substantial profits. His regular television appearances inspire countless individuals aspiring to be like him, prompting them to buy his trainers and football kits.

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