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Bullying Is a Global Problem That Needs to Be Addressed

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    I think bullying has become a huge issue in our world. People do not take the issue seriously. Bullying to me is the question and thing that need to be halted. Bullying is the problem that some kids have outside their family particular in school. Bullying not only involves children it also affects adults.

    Bullying affects continual behavior or mistreatment directed in victims who have less strength than the bullies. Research shows those who have known aggression are twice as expected to continue and bully others. Much its used as the defence mechanism and people tend to think that by bullying others, they can grow resistant to being bullied themselves. As a matter of fact it only turns into a vicious cycle of bad behaviors. Bullying is a difficult issue at our schools and takes place in many other forms. These may include physical behavior or direct bullying, the secondary form of bullying and verbal provocation, rejection from individual activities and gossip spreading. In a situation of bullying we usually take the victim side and never have just sit down and have a long meaningful conversation with the bully themselves.

    But recently a father had discovered that his son was a victim of bullying. Instead of going to the school and telling the teachers and principal to deal with it, he took matters into his own hands. He sat down with his son bully and had a heartfelt conversation with him, he soon learned that the boy didn’t have any clean clothes or shoes and that he was being teased by fellow students because ogfathis. The next thing the father did showed a great act of kindness, he took the boy shopping for some new clothes and shoes. But what happened next broke the typical situation of the aftermath bullying. The father encourage his son and the boy to spend some time together playing video games, they got along pretty well too. This was all because the father approached the situation differently.

    Afterwards the father posted everything that happen on social media. It soon caught many people attention. I believe what the father did was right because not everyday are you going to hear and see something like this happening. And posting it on on social media was just way to show everyone what a simple change and how you approach these types of conflicts can do. I believe we all need to start making a change in our community and lives. Because like I have already stated just a simple change can make a big difference. We need start dealing the situations of bullying differently. Its rarely that we ever look at things from the bully perspective, and that’s what we need to start doing because you never know their full story. So if you know your child is being bullied, if you can try to have a talk with the bully to know what’s really going on.”Never judge someone without knowing the whole story, you may think you understand but you don’t”

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