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The Sanctity of Marriage: Homosexuality and Marriage

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There is so much controversy concerning homosexuality and marriage.

This controversy has recently risen and been debated in court inMassachusetts. Around three percent of our country experiences exclusivehomosexuality (Swan n.p.). Gay marriage must be banned because it hasnegative consequences for our society, does not follow American Tradition,and most importantly, homosexuality is immoral.

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The Sanctity of Marriage: Homosexuality and Marriage
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Granted homosexuality allows people to express themselvesindividually, they often become public charges. Homosexuality has manyconsequences for society. Besides pushing immorality, the gay lifestylealso renders many health problems.

Such health problems are HumanPapillomavirus (HPV), Hepatitis A, B, and C, and AIDS (Sprigg 8). Variousresearch studies have found that homosexuality causes alcohol abuse, drugabuse, nicotine dependence, depression, and suicide (Sprigg 9). Childrenwith gay parents also suffer a higher risk of premarital childbearing,illicit drug use, arrest, behavioral problems, poverty, and school failure(Sprigg 7). Twenty years ago, homosexuality was perceived as wrong and asan embarrassment. Now, it almost seems to be popular. Homosexuality isproven to be wrong, but society is becoming immune to it.

Our nation’slaws should not be based on wrong doing. Society depends on cross gendermarriages for survival (Grolier 66). “Marriage is… fundamental to ourvery existence and survival; the very existence and survival of our societydoes not depend upon same-sex unions (Grolier 66).”Supporters argue that gay marriage is a person’s right as an American,but the very traditions of our country have never included homosexuality.

Marriage has always been held up in court as a heterosexual union (Grolier68). Why should we alter our country’s traditions? In Poe vs. Ullman,Justice Harlin linked sexual activity to marriage to the prohibition ofhomosexual activity, and concluded that both confinement of sexual activityto marriage and restriction Byrd 2of homosexual behavior were so deeply embedded in the values of the nationthat they were both integral to “any Constitutional doctrine in this area(Grolier 67).” In 1996, Congress created the Defense of Marriage Actagainst federal protection for homosexuals (Grolier 66). The United Statesof America has never recognized or approved of homosexuality and will notstart now.

There is a theory that people are born with a homosexual gene, butthat is no excuse. Homosexuality is very immoral. In Leviticus 18:22, Godsays, “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable(Holy 131).” If this is against God’s law, then why shouldn’t it be against American law? Our country was founded on Christianity. Marriage is defined as a heterosexual life-time commitment relationship and a cross-gender union (Grolier 67).

Gay marriage advocates argue that same-sex marriage should belegalized because homosexuality is a person’s right, and that the banningof that marriage is discrimination. It is not debatable that homosexualityis immoral. It is also proven to have negative effects on society, and hasnever been included in America’s history or tradition (Grolier 66). It isincomprehensible why gay marriage should be legalized. If laws are madethat approve gay marriage, then what is America coming to? What is next? People may try to marry family members, groups of people, maybe evenanimals. What would the difference be between that and homosexuality? There is proven evidence that gay marriages would send our country on anever ending downward spiral.

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The Sanctity of Marriage: Homosexuality and Marriage. (2019, Apr 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/byrd-1/

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