Love Marriage Is Better Than Arrange Marriage

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Life is filled with challenges and sacrifices, including the beautiful relationship of marriage. Marriage is a significant bond that many individuals experience in their lifetime. The way we shape our lives determines its quality. Love marriages are considered more preferable than arranged marriages because they involve marrying someone you truly love and desire to spend your entire life with. It’s difficult to wholeheartedly commit to spending a lifetime with someone whom you have no prior knowledge of.

Marriage should not be sought with the sole intention of being married, as it is not an achievement or objective to attain within a specific timeframe. Instead, it should be viewed as an organic journey that profoundly influences our life, profession, and character. Within love marriages, partners can openly express their dedication to a lifetime together after thoroughly understanding one another. When couples wed, they pledge to stand by each other through both joyful moments and hardships.

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It is important for individuals to actively work towards maintaining a happy and harmonious marriage from the start. Both partners should share the responsibility of ensuring a smooth marital relationship and contribute equally. Understanding that being in a committed partnership means sharing everything can lead to happiness and satisfaction. Before getting married, couples need to have meaningful conversations about their expectations of each other in order to be successful partners. Effective communication is crucial in any relationship, which can only be achieved when couples have experienced love and affection before entering into matrimony.

Love marriage is when two individuals choose to marry after falling in love and getting to know each other for a significant amount of time. This gives them plenty of opportunities to discover both the positive and negative qualities of their partner before entering into matrimony. Consequently, they are able to establish a profound feeling of comfort and harmony once they are married. On the contrary, arranged marriages involve parties who have no prior knowledge of each other, which may require more time for developing this level of ease and understanding after marriage. It is clear that love marriages exceed arranged marriages in terms of these aspects.

While love marriages often involve couples facing challenges and disagreements, it is important to note that this is a common occurrence. The crucial factor lies in how they collaborate to address these issues. In the case of arranged marriages, some couples may willingly choose each other as partners if there is mutual affection. However, in certain situations, parents may exert pressure on them to marry someone whom they do not genuinely care for. Contrary to love marriages, arranged unions can result in happiness if the couple truly loves one another and prioritizes their well-being.

Arranged marriages, organized by elders or parents, discourage spouses from deciding who to marry on their own. Instead of personally evaluating and comparing potential partners based on their own standards through dating and meeting people, they depend on someone else, even if they are complete strangers. If one of the spouses becomes dissatisfied after a few years of marriage, it can be tempting to hold the parents responsible for making an inappropriate choice. Thus, it is evident that love marriage surpasses arranged marriage as it grants individuals the liberty to select their life partners. Engaging in an arranged marriage can lead to various detrimental consequences.

Arranged marriages restrict personal freedom and impede full commitment to the marital relationship. The unfamiliarity between partners hampers communication, potentially leading to blame on parents when problems arise. Nevertheless, it is crucial to prioritize love and establish effective communication prior to marriage in order to foster comfort and understanding within the relationship, ultimately ensuring our partner’s happiness. In conclusion, choosing a love marriage is preferable over engaging in an arranged marriage.

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