“Gay “Marriage”: Societal Suicide by Charles Colson – Same Sex Marriage

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The debate over same-sex marriage continues to be a controversial issue in today’s society. Katha Pollitt and Charles Colson both present their arguments for and against the legalization of same-sex marriage in their articles. Pollitt argues for the rights of same-sex couples to marry and questions society’s current definition of marriage. She points out that the idea of marriage being solely about procreation is outdated and that marriage should be a symbolic union of two people who love each other. On the other hand, Colson argues against same-sex marriage, citing statistics that suggest children without mothers are more likely to commit crimes and end up in jail. However, he fails to consider the possibility of lesbian marriages and does not provide substantial evidence to support his argument. While both articles are well-written, Pollitt’s essay is more convincing as she addresses all opposing arguments and presents her ideas in a reasonable and fair manner. The legalization of same-sex marriage may take time to adjust to, but it is a step towards equality and acceptance in society.

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The issue of same sex marriage incites significant debate in contemporary society. Various opinions exist regarding whether it should be permitted and the potential consequences if it were. This ongoing debate has grown more intense as more states consider legalization. In her article titled “What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage?”, Katha Pollitt advocates for the legalization of same sex marriage, presenting numerous compelling arguments.

In a contrasting article entitled “Gay “Marriage”: Societal Suicide” by Charles Colson, the author argues against same-sex marriage by utilizing statistics and historical evidence to support his claims. Although both writers present compelling arguments, Pollitt’s essay stands out as superior due to its exceptional fairness and reasonableness in addressing the opposing viewpoint. Pollitt’s article passionately advocates for the rights of same-sex marriage. One of her main concerns lies in society’s current definition of marriage.

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The assertion that marriage is exclusively about procreation lacks logic. Instead, the writer advocates for marriage to represent a symbolic bond between two individuals desiring to share their love and lives. They present a valid argument by emphasizing the historical significance of love within marriage and contrasting it with arranged marriages and polygamy. Furthermore, they contend that same-sex marriage should be embraced as it is indistinguishable from heterosexual marriage.

In this passage, the author shares her negative opinion about marriage in general, but emphasizes the importance of it being fair and equal. In an article by Colson, he presents a convincing statistical argument demonstrating that children without a mother are more prone to engage in criminal activities and become incarcerated. Despite his persuasive argument, Colson does not mention his stance on same-sex marriages. He strongly advocates for marriage as a traditional foundation for social progress, while criticizing the involvement of gay marriages, which he refers to as “Societal Suicide.”

“While Colson makes valid points, he fails to provide substantial evidence by neglecting to address the possibility of lesbians getting married. Additionally, his argument that mothers are crucial for a child’s success overlooks the many instances of successful individuals who have thrived without mothers. The widespread approval of gay marriage in the country will undeniably require an adjustment period for Ward 3, but like any other change, it will eventually pass with time.”

The learning curve for same-sex couples in becoming parents and gaining acceptance in society is a common experience for any new concept in America. Pollitt effectively counters all opposing arguments against gay marriage and brings awareness to the public, making her essay stronger than Colson’s. Though both essays were well-written, I am now swayed towards supporting the legalization of gay marriage, thanks to Pollitt’s article.

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