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At the beginning of the twenty-first century people started to recognize that fossil fuels are non renewable and they are consumed excessively rapidly so people believe that there will non be a beginning for future coevalss. Militants try to state people about the effects of deficiency of energy in footings of economic system or environment, so consciousness of the state of affairs increases each twenty-four hours with the aid of militants. However, the populace and besides the authorities make non make anything to amend this state of affairs. Professor Emeritus of History, Geography, and American Surveies at the University of Texas, Alfred W. Crosby asserts that Alternative beginnings of energy can go a satisfactory replacement for fossil fuels such as coal, oil, crude oil and Diesel if we put every bit much attempt and mastermind in the attempt as we did in bring forthing the first atomic bomb ( “ ” , para 3 ) . However some others believe that alternate energy can non run into our demand sufficiently. Besides it ‘s difficult to happen a suited topographic point and the high engineering to construct this sort of construction. There are both pros and cons about utilizing alternate energy which makes it hard to happen the most dependable manner, nevertheless sing all these assorted attacks, we can reason that fossil fuels are more harmful.

There are many type of C based beginning which contain immense sum of energy such as coal, oil, natural gas. They are most common beginning to make energy. Particularly in Turkey about all energy comes from fossil fuels ( % 99.6 ) . There are some specific topographic points to bring forth such as Zonguldak for coal or Batman for oil. Underground coal excavation sector really taught because working status is disaster but, people have to work this occupation because of unemployment. However coal excavation have tremendous unsafe for wellness because it cause lung disease. Besides cause deceases due to belowground coal-mining accidents have been recorded officially since 1941, and a sum of 3094 deceases were reported between 1941 and 2003 ( Kucuker,1 ) . Although this sort of grounds, both authorities and companies non take any safeguard about catastrophes. Almost the same state of affairs happens in Batman which has most of oil beginning in Turkey. Some worker suffer from similar job like wellness and status, because they do non cognize their right in footings of both wellness and safety even if they are cognizant of their right companies employ worker on daily-bases so they can non seek their right consequently companies exploit worker easy.

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In the beginning of industrial age, states used fossil fuels for their ain development without idea about its consequence on people and the environment. They besides ignored pollution and harm to the environment but this careless behavior has caused irreversible effects such as nursery consequence of firing fossil fuels traps the concentration of C dioxide so this besides addition heat as a consequence planetary heating occur. Therefore people should work together to set up non-governmental organisations to forestall misdemeanor and unneeded use, because the universe supply will non be plenty for the following coevals. Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M. S. Dresselhaus besides emphasised that fossil fuels presently supply most of the universe ‘s energy demands, universe militias of oil are about 1.61014A ( 11012A barrels ) . World ingestion is about 1.21010A a twenty-four hours. World militias of natural gas are about 1.41014A M3s ; gross production of gas is about 2.41012A m3A per twelvemonth. World coal militias are about 9.11011A metric tons ; one-year ingestion is about 4.5109A metric tons per twelvemonth. However unacceptable their long-run effect, he assert that the supplies are likely to stay equal for the following few coevalss. Scientists and policy shapers must do usage of this period of grace to measure alternate beginnings of energy and find what is scientifically possible, environmentally acceptable and technologically promising. Briefly fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, atomic power supply most of the universe ‘s energy demands in today universe but they are non equal for future coevals without alternate energy.

The universe has many alternate energy beginnings such as air current, solar, geothermic, hydroelectric, and bio fuels are possible energy type which can replace fossil fuels. Like fossil fuels these energy types have several advantages and disadvantages. Wind and solar power cause no pollution and are renewable and besides air current and solar power are free. The lone cost of solar and wind power is the installing and building of the construction. Nevertheless, both air current and solar energy is inconsistent. It means wind strength or sunny conditions can alter. Furthermore geothermic energy built upon steam power so they drill holes in the steaming country and steam caused shoot up and drive turbines. Geothermal cardinal should construct right otherwise harmful gases and mineral can be released. Furthermore, hydroelectric cardinal work with the aid of accretion of H2O so energy production is changeless. However building of dike is really expensive and sometimes particularly in Turkey dike can damage historical topographic point like Hasankeyf in the E of Turkey. Last like air current and solar power bio fuels is renewable. Ethanol is the chief component of making energy which is made from maize. It decreases the use of gas but cost of transition really expensive.

In add-on, Some states realize the assortment of alternate energy and pay attending to these. Spain and Germany are really serious about making alternate energy. They use many sort of alternate energy but lost of states merely utilize hydroelectrical energy in the name of alternate energy. However they do non recognize that for illustration solar energy more powerful than hydroelectrical energy. Dieter Eissel assert that the Sun radiates 174 peta-watts ( PW ) . Of this, approximately 30 per centum is rei¬‚ected back to infinite, while the remainder is absorbed by atmosphere, clouds, oceans and land multitudes. The entire volume of radiation absorbed by oceans and lands reaches up to 89 PW. Therefore, solar energy can supply 2,850 times more energy than current universe demand. In comparing, the multiple for hydro power is 3, 5 for geothermal, 20 for biomass, and 200 for air current energy ( Fischedick, 2000 ) . This means that all states need the solar radiation of merely one twenty-four hours to run into their energy demands for a whole twelvemonth. However, settle that sort of energy beginning is really expensive and small Utopian. Nevertheless still cut downing fossil fuels help forestall the pollution. Harmonizing to one of the most comprehensive programs for future sustainable energy proviso launched in June 2010 by Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council ( EREC ) , a sustainable ‘World Energy Outlook ‘ provides a elaborate practical design for cutting C emanations while accomplishing economic growing by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and energy efficiency ( Eissel, 4 ) .

Besides, there are some sorts of energy types which are related to fossil fuels but non that much injury such as natural gas and atomic power. Natural gas release methane gas alternatively of C dioxide and methane gas does non do nursery consequence it increases the sum of natural gas militias a small spot higher than fossil fuels. Nuclear power creates a immense sum of energy nevertheless hazard besides really high because if workss by chance let go of something its harm may be catasrophic. In the terminal although fossil fuels have the possibility of least injury to the environment is still a hazard. Therefore alternate energy must be encouraged by authorities and the populace. Otherwise states will get down to contend each other because of deficiency of resource of fossil fuel in fact they already start to contend as resource become limited and states may busy an oil-rich state under the name of “ peace ” or some unethical ground to take control of oil-reserves.

On the other manus, some people claim that the universe has adequate dodo fuel supplies for at least 2-3 decennaries. They think that this issue non of great urgency. At the same clip they believe alternate energy is non sufficient and adequate to run into people ‘s demands. To represent, gas is much more efficient than electrical energy and besides make fulling the auto ‘s gasoline armored combat vehicle quicker than bear downing an electrical auto. Critics besides province that air current power or solar power is non easy to build everyplace. They can merely be built in a suited topographic point to be efficient. For case air current turbinesA must be built in a blowy country to make energy, this means where air current turbines can be constructed is a small restricted. Likewise solar energy is utile in states which have many hours of direct sunshine. In this state of affairss, as the cost of building addition besides the efficiency lessening.

Taking all these points into consideration, we can get at the decision that alternate energy should be a convenient energy beginning for future coevals, because there is no other option for future coevals cipher can claim that fossil fuels will last everlastingly, this coevals should modulate the usage alternate energy and besides pay attending to the environment. Otherwise fossil fuel become most valuable things in the universe and tonss of people non let or afford to profit from it.

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