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Can Technology Replace Libraries?

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In our society today, where new technologies are more widely use, more people prefer to use internet to search for the information they needed instead of going to a library. Searching in the web for information is more convenient than going to a library. Anyone can have what they are looking for in Just a minute or less with internet. That’s why the library must be improve to encourage students to visit it because not everything is available in the internet.

Some steps must be done to improve the school’s library.

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Can Technology Replace Libraries?
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First, redecorate your library to attract students. This will encourage them to visit the library from time to time. Second, organize the library. Put some signage on the shelf so that students will easily find what they are looking for. Rearrange that chairs, tables and shelves that will give students enough space to make them feel comfortable. Third, impose strict and appropriate rules and regulations to make the students behave in the library.

Orient every students about the rules and regulations. Fourth, it is very important to install a good librarian.

A librarian which is knowledgeable enough to guide the dents how to effectively use the library. Fifth, give the students proper orientations about how to use the library effectively and efficiently. Sixth, the library must update their sources of information such as books, magazines, etc. Give students the new trends and new knowledge. Lastly, always keep the library clean and tidy. No one wants to read in a messy place. Accomplishing these steps will make the library a better place for learning, will make the students realize its importance and will change the students view about libraries.

Library is a place for learning and not a place for slacking nor resting. No matter how advance technologies are, they can’t replace the libraries. It is always better to use the library because you can find everything in the library and it is free unlike in the internet. You can ask the assistance of the librarians when you’re looking for information. When you look for information in the internet you do it on your own and you don’t know the quality of that information. Give the everyone a reason to visit libraries, inspire them to read more books and guide them to the future.

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Can Technology Replace Libraries?. (2017, Jul 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/can-technology-replace-libraries-3152/

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