Capital Punishment: The Best Solution Essay

Capital Punishment is defined as the legal infliction of the death penalty. The death penalty is corporal punishment in its most severe form and is used instead of life long imprisonment. Putting people to death that have committed extremely terrible crimes is an ancient practice, but it has become a very controversial issue in today’s society. Capital punishment has been used for centuries, even the Bible contains over thirty stories or incidents about a person put to death for a crime they committed.

Public executions stopped after 1936. The death penalty has been inflicted in many different ways. Today in the United States, there are five ways that the death penalty is performed. These criminals are put to death by a lethal injection, electrocution, lynching, a firing squad, or the gas chamber. These punishments are much less severe than the forms of execution in the past. In the past, people were executed by crucifixion, boiling in oil, drawing and quartering, impalement, beheading, burning alive, crushing, tearing, stoning, and even drowning.

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Capital Punishment: The Best Solution
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The methods used today compared to those of history are not meant for torture but instead for punishment for heinous crimes and to rid the earth of these dangerous people. The majority of America supports the death penalty. There are many reasons why capital punishment is a good thing, and should be enforced and used more. First off, capital punishment is a good thing because it deters crime. For example, in the 1960s while the number of executions was decreasing, the homicide rate was increasing. As execution started to increase, statistics show that the homicide rate slowly decreased or stayed the same, but it did not increase. Fear of death deters people from committing crime. The…

… middle of paper … …ling do not deserve to live in our society. The death penalty is a sever penalty for severe crimes. Capital punishment is essential for a stable and safe society. No executed murderer has ever killed again. No one can say that about the criminals sentenced for time in prison. Work Cited Good News Bible: Todays English Version.. American Bible Society. New York. 1996. Web. 26 May 2015. Works Consulted Death Penalty Focus (2015). Facts. Web. 8 June 2015. Eddlem, T. R. (2004). Ten Anti-Death Penalty Fallacies.The New American. 2002. Web. 10 June 2015. Pro-Death Penalty (2014). Death Penalty Paper. Web. 8 June 2015.

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