Why Capital Punishment is Wrong?

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There is a moral dilemma in our society regarding the death penalty, as we question if it is justifiable to end the lives of our own people. While criminals should face punishment for their crimes, executing them raises concerns about who has the authority to make such life-ending decisions. It contradicts our opposition to killing while simultaneously believing that criminals deserve death. In essence, we are perpetuating violence through capital punishment. There are multiple reasons why this form of punishment is unjust.

Despite the fact that capital punishment has been implemented in different states, there is no notable reduction in violence. This indicates that the death penalty is not effective in deterring crime, as people persist in participating in violent and illegal behavior.

One reason why the death penalty is unjust is because it fails to effectively punish offenders. Some criminals may view death as an escape rather than enduring a lifetime in prison. Additionally, it does not bring solace, fairness, or contentment to the victim or their loved ones. For instance, Robert Willies assaulted Debbie Morris and subsequently received a lethal injection. However, Morris did not find any peace from Willies’ death. She expressed that “Justice didn’t do anything to heal me. Forgiveness did” (“Dad Man Walking: The Victim Who Survived” Debbie Morris and Gregg Lewis). Executing a criminal cannot alter the past or provide closure for the victim.

One disadvantage of capital punishment is its expensive nature, encompassing legal proceedings and the necessity of witnesses. Advocates for the death penalty contend that imprisoning a criminal costs more. Nevertheless, by removing extravagant privileges for prisoners, the expense would not be as substantial. This method would guarantee that inmates live in accordance with their situation.

Above all, it is morally incorrect to engage in capital punishment. It is inappropriate for a society that possesses such wealth and influence to resort to killing its own citizens. The authority to take someone’s life has not been granted to us. Our focus should instead be on providing assistance to offenders, such as counseling and psychological support.

Capital punishment is ineffective in deterring crime, costly, and morally wrong. To be a morally upright society, we should focus on preventing crime rather than resorting to killing others. Thus, implementing the death penalty does not seem to be an effective solution.

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