Capital Punishment - Murder Essay Example

The main point of view against capital punishment is that innocent people are sometimes wrongly convicted and, while people can be released from prison, they cannot be brought back from the dead if they were hanged - Capital Punishment introduction. But, on the other hand There is the deterrence theory, which says that potential murderers would think twice before committing the act if they will knew that they die if they will caught. The armed bank robber might decide to leave his shotgun at home and go back to begin an ordinary robber.

The other views to oppose the death penalty, are firstly that murder is murder and this includes state executions. The state has no more right to take a life than the individual. Indeed, the state should set an example to the individual by not taking lives. It is believed to be a measure of this civilization that a state acts more humanely than its citizens. The second is that Christianity preaches forgiveness, not revenge.


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Nevertheless, supporters of capital punishment believe that the idea of retribution demands that criminals should get what they do; if a murderer intentionally make a 21 crime, he must accept the consequences. Retribution, or revenge, is supported by religious doctrine of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Opponents of the death penalty are convinced that it is needlessly cruel and that life imprisonment is a more rational alternative. But supporters

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