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Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Underwood was born March 10 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Her mother carole was a school teacher and her father Stephen was a Paper mill operator. She grew up in a small town called Checotah, Oklahoma with her 2 older sisters on her family’s small farm. As a child she performed in talent shows, and town events. At the age of 3 she started performing at her church the Free will baptist(2) Carrie grew up on dirt roads, climbing trees and singing. ” “She became one of the most popular Female artists of today when she tried out for American Idol in the show’s fourth season.

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She sang “I can’t make you love me” and really stood out among contestants. Simon Cowell loved her and even said she was going to win. She was the runner up in may 2005. Carrie underwood never had any formal training before American Idol. In november of 2005, she released her album “Some Hearts” In the first week over 300,000 copies were sold.

And it went number one on the billboard. It was the biggest hit for a country artist since tracking began in 1991. ” Carrie has won 5 American Music Awards, 4 grammy’s, and 6 Acm awards. Jesus take the wheel” won single record of the year at ACM awards. (4) Carrie underwood performed as a child at the Lions club, Old Settlers day, and festivals. By 2006, just one year after Idol, Carrie had four number one hits. That december, she won 5 billboard music awards. (2) Carrie underwood has passed the thirteen million mark in CD Sales. She is also the first country artist in history to receive ten number one singles from her first two albums and now has thirteen singles total. She is only the 7th woman to achieve ACM entertainer of the year.

She is a two time ACM entertainer of the year recipient, and the first woman in history to get the award more than once. She was both ACM and CMA Female Vocalist of the year for three consecutive years. One of her greatest achievements was being inducted into the Grand Ole Opr. She was inducted by her Idol Randy Travis and Garth Brooks. Most recently Carrie underwood has been working on her songwriting. She Co wrote seven of her thirteen songs on her album play on. Carrie feels that her songwriting has helped her connect to her audience better.

Which is why she feels a special bond to her third album Play On since she feels that listeners can get a better sense of who she is on this album. In 2010, just two months after winning her fifth grammy, carrie made her acting debut on the CBS station”How I Met Your Mother” Carrie continued to act in between touring and recording. In 2011, she co starred in Soul Surfer. (2) Carrie’s fifth album Blown Away just came out May 1st. Carrie underwood made a special appearance on American idol May 3rd. She appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show may 9 and she will be joining Dancing with the stars May 15. 6) Her first album Some Hearts went seven times platinum, her second album Carnival Ride went 3 times platinum, her third album Play on went two times platinum. Interesting enough Carrie Underwood is listed in the Guiness world book of records as the Female Artist with the most number one hits. She is the only artist to be listed on Billboards top ten country music artists. Carrie Underwood Plays guitar and piano as well as her singing. Carrie Underwood is a vegetarian. She is also a big Animal Rights supporter. Carrie underwood loves horror movies.

Her favorite show is Star Trek: The next generation. She loves Dallas Cowboys football. (4) She has a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications from Northwestern University. She graduated magna cum laude in May of 2006. (3) Her diploma was given to her by the mayor of Checotah. (aceshowbiz) May 25th is Carrie Underwood day in Oklahoma. The mayor of Checotah Tom Coburn declared this day in honor of Carrie Underwood winning american idol. (4) She likes eating pizza and playing softball. Her favorite singers are George Michael, Kelly Clarkson, and Martina McBride.

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