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Could Holocaust Happen Again?

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  • Pages 3
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    The Holocaust was a horrible and tragic event. The sad thing is that it is still happening today. In the country of Rwanda, the mass killings of a certain group of people happened as recently as 1994. The United States and U. N turned its back on it. The other similar event happened in Iraq when Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction to try to extinguish Sunni Muslims. Somewhere around the world, everyday is exactly the same thing occurring, always some groups trying to wipe their opposition from the face of the Earth. Events that are similar to Holocaust will happen again.

    It will happen because certain people were singled out through propaganda and lies. It never occurred to people what the result of dehumanizing others would be. The Jews were using the media and politics in an attempt to stop Hitler, it didn’t work. Think of the political division and hate of today (Holocaust: Chronicles). The places that have already experienced it are Germany, Cambodia, Laos, Rwanda, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Chad, and now Darfur. There are many mini-Holocausts going on now. The question is not, can the Holocaust happen again?

    The question is; when will the next Holocaust starts and is likely to be part of the political solution to massive over population? Will it be engineered by military nations which the world has little defense against, or are we already well advanced in a plot to create the next plausible reason for wholesale slaughter? Will the next holocaust be consequent result of ideological megalomaniac, like Adolf Hitler? Thus, the end justified the means; no other solutions were possible.

    This is the future, we cannot avoid the facts. For unlike its past and present, the future of Holocaust depends on decisions et to be made and which will be based on the views of everyone who wants to act on them. As the Holocaust did not have to happen when or as it did, so its future is also open: at one extreme, the possibility of its disappearing under a cloak of silence; at the other extreme, of its constant, even obsessive recitation; and with numerous possibilities between these two. The crucial issue in judging the future of the Holocaust is not whether the Holocaust was the first occurrence of genocide or whether it was in any other sense “unique”.

    Whatever else can or cannot be claimed for it, however, the Holocaust remains a clear and full instance of genocide. It is underscored in this appearance by its origin in a country widely known for its cultural and social achievements. Projected from this background, the Holocaust’s future revolves around one basic premise: that since the Holocaust could have occurred elsewhere with other agents or victims (or not at all); it may also reappear in the future. More briefly: Since the Holocaust happened once, it can Happen twice.

    This prospect for the Holocaust marks the future of human history. There are many lessons that can be learned from events like the Holocaust is that there can be no room for racism in our society and rather than fear differences, we should try to respect each other and our ethic, cultural, religious, and sexual differences (Holocaust: chronicles). Perhaps one of the most important lessons we can learn from the Holocaust is that the best time to speak out bigotry is before the forces of hate grow strong. “Indifference is the real evil. All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing “(B. Garner).

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