Case Study Essay - Part 8

Evaluate support available for individuals and others when coping with difficulties associated with reproduction and inheritance - Case Study Essay introduction. The symptoms that are associated with cystic fibrosis can be reduced through diet and exercise, support can be provided from staff at specialist centre for cystic fibrosis. There are many support clinics available for individuals that suffer from cystic fibrosis. These clinics tend to be separated between those for children and those for adults. Children that suffer from cystic fibrosis can normally receive care in a general hospital if there is a cystic fibrosis clinic present.

As well as the individual that suffers from the disease it is also important that the direct family members and friends of this individual can receive some sort of support from a group. Family members or friends could use some practical advice or some sort of emotional and financial support. It could be a stressful time when an individual is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. One well known support group related to individuals that suffer from cystic fibrosis is ‘The CF Trust’s Support Service’. This group provides emotional support as well as advice and practical support.

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They have a CF helpline which can be directly called to ask any queries 0300 373 1000. This support group also has a helpline known as the ‘Welfare Grants helpline’ 0300 373 1020. This trust is also able to provide a grant. This is one of the many support groups that are available for the affect individual and their family and friends. With these types of support available it could ease the process for individuals once they have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Apart from these support groups individual are also able to find enough information on the internet to find ways to ease the symptoms.

NHS provides enough information online on their website for both adults and children to use and apply in their daily life. The following link provides enough details: http://www. nhs. uk/conditions/cystic-fibrosis/pages/self-help. aspx This is a self help page for individuals that suffer from cystic fibrosis. This shows that enough support is provided online to inform and advice individuals that are in need of them. This self help page focuses on the individual suffering from the disease so that it could ease the symptoms that they experience.

Another website which provides detailed information on what cystic fibrosis is and what physiological effects it has on the body is. http://www. patient. co. uk/health/Cystic-Fibrosis. htm This is an informative website providing individuals with sufficient information to understand what happens in the body what symptoms they are likely to experience and so forth. These above support groups and website are but a few that can be found online, this shows that there are many places that individuals that suffer from cystic fibrosis can go to, either for information, emotional support, financial support.

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