Analysis on the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Procedures – CIC Holdings PLC


Analysis on the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Procedures of the Executive Level

  1. Introduction
  2. Recruitment, Selection and Induction Procedures of the Executive Level
    1. Recruitment
    2. Choice
    3. Initiation
  3. Strengths and Failings of the Procedures Analyzed
    1. Recruitment
    2. Choice
    3. Initiation
  4. Decision
  5. Mentions

Analysis on the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Procedures of the Executive Level of CIC Holdings PLC

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1. Introduction

This undermentioned assignment represents a treatment and a critical analysis in relation to the Recruitment, Selection and Induction processs of the executive degree employees of CIC Holdings PLC. The principle behind the choice of this company is due to the fact that it is one of the long-standing, taking blue-chip and locally every bit good as globally renowned pudding stones in Sri Lanka.

Company Profile

Established foremost in 1964 as ‘Imperial Chemical Industries Limited ( ICI ) ’ and subsequently on reformed as CIC Holdings PLC, initiated its inaugural operations through fabricating agricultural pipes and marketing an array of locally manufactured pigments. With a history and experience of over 50 old ages, CIC has expanded its operations into a scope of local industries such as Agri Businesses, Animal Feed, Farm Produce, Veterinary Medicine, Day Old Chicks, Agro Chemicals, Adhesives, Consumer Products, Industrial Raw Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Herbal Products and Health and Personal Care Products and has besides tackled the planetary sector for a scope of agri merchandises such as Rice, Banana, Industrial and Agro Chemicals and Writing Instruments. With a vision to be an advanced Group of companies making value through effectual fulfilment of market demands and with a mission to heighten the quality of life of people in the part by developing a diverse portfolio in Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer merchandises, Crop solutions and Services, driven by client satisfaction and betterments in engineering. We will tackle the potency of our people to deduce competitory advantage and to add value to stakeholders whilst safeguarding the environment, CIC has proven its place to be renowned as one of the taking companies in Sri Lanka and is booming towards the extremum in presenting quality in every operation they undertake. (, 2015 )

2. Recruitment, Selection and Induction Procedures of the Executive Level

2.1 Recruitment

The construct of enlisting refers to the processs or the procedure an organisation follows in order to happen and pull appliers possessing the needed features and makings for a specific occupation.

Mentioning to CIC Holding’s executive degree enlisting procedure, the company foresees the demand for the designation of occupation vacancies chiefly due to two grounds which are the budgeting of new places due company enlargements or to carry through sudden vacancies derived by unexpected surrenders and deceases. In relation to a surrender of an executive degree employee, the employee has to inform his surrender through utilizing a missive of surrender to his immediate supervisor or the caput of the several section and If he/she decides that the vacant place caused by the surrender should be filled, a Position Request Form ( PRF ) is raised under his/her signature to the HR section of CIC Holdings. Once received the General Manager of the HR section investigates the organisational charts and assesses the criticalness of the demand before corroborating the vacancy and provides the blessing prior to directing it to the company’s Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) in order to acquire the fiscal backup sing the petition.

In order to pull appropriately qualified forces the immediate caputs of the specific sections every bit good as the General director of HR in charge of CIC Holdings’ executive enlisting initiates a collaborated attempt in order to set up the occupation demands as they possess the clear cut thought of the undertakings, responsibilities and the human demands needed to be performed for the relevant occupations. They besides discuss on assorted factors making an affect for the programme such as whether the enlisting programme to be initiated is within the HR budget of CIC to be carried out in formal and organized mode keeping the company’s criterions, whether the programme is in line with the organization’s enlisting policy, regulations and ordinances and besides the whether the nature of the supply in the employee market is advantageous at the clip. Sing occupation application signifiers, CIC provides a standard templet in order to guarantee the smooth flow of the enlisting operations.

Based on CIC’s company enlisting policy, enlisting is done internally every bit good as externally. Sing executive degree employees, the chief internal beginning of enlisting CIC adheres to is the usage of the intranet system and electronic mail. Through this, occupation vacancies are first advertised among the internal CIC household through their website prior to let go ofing or sharing it to the populace and besides electronic mails are circulated within the employees to make consciousness and involvement sing the vacancies. Besides in some cases as an informal pattern, the Facebook group created for merely CIC managerial degree employee communications is used to convey reminders of the vacancies as good. In add-on to this CIC besides carries out Job posters where the available vacancies are published on the company notice boards every bit good as in internally distributed articles and magazines.

The cardinal external beginnings of enlisting used by CIC are employee referrals where they take possible campaigner recommendations from bing employees and internet advertisement or instead E-recruitment where their occupation vacancies are posted online on a website known as ‘Top Jobs’ . In add-on to this CIC uses the ‘Sunday Observer’ to publicize their vacancies and they besides use an executive hunt house or instead a headhunter known as ‘Job Enrich ( Private ) Limited’ where the company sends their demands to this house and they select suited campaigners from their pool of CV’s and sends them to CIC. The company besides considers recruitment petitions from assorted professional establishments for illustration the Chartered Institute of Accountants of Sri Lanka ( CASL ) where CIC’s HR section relays the gained petitions across their sections and if those sections are in demand of vacancies they call in those campaigners. CIC provides consultancy occupations for past employees in order to derive their influence and experience in to the operations as good.

Once the enlisting procedure is executed, CIC has a particular squad consisting of outsourced and insourced HR specializers and the GM of HR measuring the whole process under assorted indices such as Cost per Recruit, Numbers recruited, continuance taken etc.

2.2 Choice

Choice can be identified as the procedure which is used to minimise the pool of appliers to the best few or instead the procedure involved in finding the most suited applier for the occupation.

In mention to CIC Holdings’ executive degree choice processs, the board of pickers consists of extremely experienced and professional persons such as the General Manager of HR, the caput and the divisional manager of the specific section and depending on the place taken into consideration the Chief Executive Officer of CIC and an expert in the relevant field. This board adheres to assorted moralss, company policies, regulations and ordinances in order to keep the criterions of the organisation and to guarantee that merely the candidate’s suitableness and makings for the specific occupation influences the choice determination. The Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) of CIC maintains a collaborated attempt with this picker board to vouch that a significant budget is allocated towards the programme to heighten its success and effectivity.

CIC uses assorted methods in order to choose the most suited applier to the occupation taken into history. CIC provides a standard templet of the application signifiers in their web site which is downloadable and one time the filled applications are received within the given deadline, the rating of these employment applications with the supervising of the picker board is commenced. Marks are allocated for assorted standards with mention to the rating outline/scheme made by CIC’s every bit good as outsourced HR experts. Based on the consequences of this rating a concluding study is prepared by the HR director and is produced to the picker board for farther determinations and analysis.

CIC besides conducts assorted trials on their executive degree campaigners. The cardinal trials are the Knowledge/ Intelligence ( IQ ) trial and Personality and Aptitude trial which are done through supplying a questionnaire each to be answered within 40 proceedingss. Through these trials CIC expects to measure the campaigners on assorted factors such as their ability to get at effectual decisions, forbearance, acquaintance and cognition sing the field, ability to fast adapt and learn competences of a occupation etc.

When it comes to question sing executive degree employees, CIC holdings’ undertakes three phases of interviews. First the campaigner is put through an single interview with the immediate supervisor of the section he is using for and is known as the primary interview. Second a panel interview dwelling of the board of pickers is conducted with the campaigner which is the intermediate interview. Once completed, as the final/post interview the campaigner goes through an interview with the CEO of CIC. All interviews are conducted in the assorted format where they include structured every bit good as unstructured inquiries and the concluding interview chiefly comprises of situational inquiries. In add-on to this CIC Holdings’ consists of exiles working for Johnson & A ; Johnson India since they operate as the exclusive distributer of Johnson & A ; Johnson merchandises in Sri Lanka. Due to this, when it comes to the choice of the state director, the CEO every bit good as the board of pickers of CIC behaviors video interviews through the use of Skype engineering with the specific foreign campaigners.

In relation to play down probes practiced by CIC sing executive degree employee campaigners in order to acquire a clearer image about their past public presentations, character, truth of the information and makings provided in the CV’s, they chiefly conduct referral cheques through telephonic conversation with the referees the campaigners have provided in their CV’s. In add-on to this, campaigners are requested to supply a constabulary study every bit good as a ‘Gramasewaka’ study.

In order to find whether the appliers possess a sound wellness status to execute the occupation efficaciously, full organic structure medical medical examinations are conducted at the disbursal of CIC at Hemas infirmaries.

Once the Executive degree employees are selected, they are provided with an insurance strategy which is up to LKR 200,000. Besides they are provided with assorted medical comfortss as CIC reimburses medical disbursals ( OPD claims ) up to LKR 75,000 every twelvemonth for each employee. In add-on to this CIC provides a Funeral Grant Scheme ( FGS ) which the employee can take to take part or non. Through this if a household member or an in-law of an employee enrolled in the FGS passes off, a amount of LKR 400 is deducted from the wage of all the participants and the accrued sum is provided to that employee.

2.3 Initiation

Initiation can be defined as the steps taken by an organisation in order to familiarise or instead orientate the new employees sing their work and their work environment.

Subsequent to the choice map of the executive degree employees, the specific campaigners selected are called in for a treatment with the board of pickers at CIC where they are subjected to dialogues sing the benefits, wage graduated tables, inducements, wellness and safety, leave and assorted other policies prior to being provided with the appointment missive. Once the assignment missive is officially provided, within a clip period of one month CIC Holdings initiates their formal initiation programme. This programme consists of 10 brief presentations which are conducted by the caputs of CIC Holdings.

The first presentation is allocated for organisational initiation and is conducted by the General Manager of HR at CIC where he will be covering the company overview, history, vision & A ; mission, schemes, ends, organisational set up and where the organisation stands today or instead the current position. The chief purpose of this presentation is to supply all the new employees an overall thought sing CIC. Subsequent to that the departmental presentations will be conducted by the specific section caputs and they will emphasize on cardinal factors sing their specific sections such as its construction, regulations and ordinances, policies, etiquette, relevant maps, aims etc.

Following the above two presentations which are conducted for all the new employees normally, one time they are completed the employees are divided depending on their section and are taken over by their immediate supervisors who will be carry oning a few presentations to orientate the employees sing their occupation. Factors such as the assorted undertakings, duties and the nature of the work environment of the occupation they have to execute is made cognizant of in this presentation. Finally the supervisor takes steps in order to present the new employee to his/her co-workers. Further the new employees are besides provided with an employee enchiridion and an on site contact forces in order to mention to whenever needed.

3. Strengths and Failings of the Procedures Analyzed

3.1 Recruitment


  • With the experience of more than 50 old ages in the field, CIC Holdings are the innovators in many sectors and are renowned to be the employer of pick which gives them a competitory advantage in the employee market as executive degree places will be extremely attractive due to the company’s acknowledgment. This makes CIC easier to pull extremely qualified and suited campaigners.
  • Since uninterrupted and up-to-date ratings are conducted by outsourced specializers with the supervising of the HR caput of CIC, steps in order to eliminate countries with defects and increase the effectivity and success of the company’s enlisting procedure can be initiated in progress prior to any issues.


  • CIC retentions does non adhere to processs such as societal media enlisting or societal media referrals which if practiced would drastically cut down their enlisting costs and increase the efficiency every bit good as the effectivity of their enlisting procedure as the usage of societal media is free of charge unlike assorted hunt houses or bureaus and as through utilizing societal media a higher count of responses from assorted geographical locations possessing assorted demands can be targeted at the same clip and gained in a faster and easier mode compared to traditional attacks and besides because the use of societal media has become a tendency or instead an indispensable norm practiced in the present society.
  • Though CIC Holdings conducts employee referrals, in an case where those recommendations are considered by the direction, the proviso of assorted wagess and benefits for the employees supplying those recommendations is non practiced. If they could take this factor into consideration and implement a wagess system for the suppliers of the recommendations, the chance to derive accurate and suited referrals every bit good as the ability to diminish the sum of otiose recommendations will increase as the employees would be extremely motivated sing the addition.

3.2 Choice


  • Since CIC uses a well-organized three phased interview system sing the choice of the executive degree employees, the campaigners are evaluated and assessed exhaustively by different beds of professionals and experts prior to being selected. This ensures that CIC is able to do the optimal determination or in other words find and employ the pick or instead the most suited and qualified employee out of the best batch recruited for the relevant occupation.
  • CIC gives the chief precedence to the thoughts of the GM HR every bit good as the thoughts of the several section caputs when it comes to doing the concluding choice determination. This manner CIC can guarantee that the selected employee is the best tantrum for the organisation every bit good as the relevant occupation.
  • Once selected CIC provides an insurance policy of LKR 200,000 to all their executive degree employees which are unheard of when it comes to other rivals in the industry giving them a all right competitory border.


  • When it comes to play down probes, CIC conducts employee referrals merely over the telephone which at some cases would non be effectual taking into consideration where the information is non given accurately or where the referee being contacted is busy to be contacted. In order to debar this, CIC could do usage of many other methods of referral look intoing such as through electronic mail, by station or by delegating specially trained forces to carry on in individual meetings with these referees through assignments.
  • Since CIC’s board of pickers comprises of extremely professional and high ranked persons in the organisation, in most cases due to their tight work agendas they would be busy in order to go to to every individual phase of the choice procedure. Due to this the work load of these functionaries would be huge and they will be capable to assorted work overload emphasis diminishing the effectivity and the efficiency of the programme conducted.

3.3 Initiation


  • One of the chief focal points of CIC ‘s initiation programme is to supply each and every new employee the cognition on how the company generates it ‘s net incomes and how this net income benefits the employees in return ; with mention to assorted fillips etc. This ensures that the new employees are extremely motivated and more dedicated towards supplying their maximal attempt and accomplishing these benefits and it besides creates a fruitful work environment and develops healthy employer-employee relationships.
  • CIC conducts its organisational initiation and its departmental initiation presentations on an overall footing where it is concentrated on all the new executive degree employees at the same clip non depending on their specific section or concern section represented. This ensures that all the employees are cognizant of the overall image of the organisation and that their cognition is non limited to merely their active field of work or section.


  • The lone constituent of CIC ‘s initiation programme are the presentations they conduct. This programme upper limit extends up to a individual on the job twenty-four hours. Many other organisations viing in the sphere adheres to assorted other programmes such as guided Tours of the edifice, in individual debuts with cardinal personalities of the company and assorted outbound developing programmes which all extends to about 2-3 work yearss. If CIC could include these processs into their initiation programme they could originate a far more effectual and all unit of ammunition orientation map which is more good for the organisation every bit good as for the new employees.
  • CIC does non pattern any process towards measuring their initiation programme which decreases the degree of its effectivity. They could develop a particular questionnaire, signifier or a brief scrutiny for the inductee to travel through in order to asses on whether the expected result from the company ‘s initiation programme was achieved and do changes depending on their responses.


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