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Case Study Essay Topics & Ideas

✒️ Topics For Case Study In Marketing

  1. Marketing Assessment Britvic Case Study Sample
  2. Marketing Case Study For Barbie
  3. Marketing Olive Oil: A Case Study From Greece Sample
  4. Marketing Strategies Case Study
  5. Pfizer – Marketing Case Study Sample
  6. Procter And Gamble ( P & G ) Marketing And Business Strategy Case Study
  7. Rimowa-Marketing Case Study
  8. Toyota Case Study: The Power Of Excellence In Product Innovation And Marketing
  9. Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study: Marketing A Business

What are some good marketing paper topics for a dissertation?

This list of marketing paper topics presented will give you a distinct thesis/dissertation. Brand advertising and political campaigns: a possible interwoven impact? A study of the perspective and reception of Americans to targeted ads based on their browser history

What are the two parts of a case study?

There were two portions to the case study – a part “A” and a part “B.” The two parts were very much a “before” and “after” of a school that was in very rough shape and in every measurable way. This report will have a brief literature view, a methodology section, a study section and an analysis section.

Is case study research a robust approach?

The author of this report is asked to look at a case study relating to a young girl named Josie. The author is asked to answer to four particular high level questions and provide clear and concrete advice and solution to each of the four.

What is the author asked to do in the case study?

When doing case study research, as one looks at past studies and reports, the researcher gets a unique opportunity to explore and understand some of the most complicated issues in society from differing perspectives. This approach can be viewed as robust approach especially when in depth and holistic investigations are involved.

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✨ Best case study Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Strategic Management – Virgin Case Study
    1) What are Virgin Group’s distinctive resources/capabilities? The Virgin BrandFirstly, the Virgin brand is valuable in the form of brand equity, where ‘Virgin’ is one of the most recognised brand names in the UK, and is also well-known in other ….
  2. Case Study of Sony Company
    The electronics and media giant Sony was struggling through the late 1990s and early part of the 21st century. With each disappointment, it seemed that Sony’s management launched another restructuring of the company. By 2003, commentators were ….
  3. Harvey Norman Case Study
    Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd is a public company in the secondary sector engaged in selling products for households and offices they include Electrical, Computers & Communications, Small Appliances, Furniture, Bedding & Manchester, Home Improvements, ….
  4. Countrywide Case Study
    Countrywide Financial used subprime mortgages to help gain financial success and lead the country to an economic downfall. Through unethical and illegal practices, they brought subprime mortgages to an entire different level. Normally, subprime ….
  5. Visionary Leaders: a Case Study on What You Don’t Know About Dell
    Dell was founded by Michael S. Dell in the 80s. It grew form a one-man show to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of low-cost PCs today, employing more than 40,000 people worldwide with businesses globally. From the findings, we learn about ….
  6. Case Study Related to Advising Action Steps for Better Inventory Management
    A leading consumer products company dealing in cosmetics and other personal care products was seeking ways to: _ Reduce inventory levels across their forward supply chain _ Improve Inventory Record Accuracy at their storage points _ Accurately track ….
  7. Josh Martin Case Study
    Leadership is defined as “the ability to influence people towards the attainment of organisational goals” (Samson & Daft, 2008). However, among all the ideas and writings about leadership, there are three different aspects that influence effective ….
  8. Coach Knight Case Study
    This is not to mention his other huge successes us chi as becoming the last team to finish a college basketball season undefeated, multi pile NCAA championships, national coach of the year awards, and countless more. He is a powerful asset to add to ….
  9. Punctuated Equilibrium Model for Southwest Airline Case Study
    Evolution is characterized by long periods of genetic makeup and environmental homeostasis of species changes very little. One of the main reasons of shifting resource constraint is a sudden environmental Jolt that may punctuate the environmental ….
  10. Morgan Stanley Case Study
    Phil Purcell headed the Dean Witter Discover branch of Morgan Stanley, a prestigious New York investment firm. Dean Witter Discover was formed as a result of the merger of Dean Witter, a brokerage firm for small investors and Discover, a credit card ….
  11. Gillette Indonesia Case Study
    What factors determine demand for blades? There are many factors that determine demand for blades. The most basic factor is how many times a week someone shaves per week. If a person does not shave often, then they will not buy blades as often ….
  12. Toyota Case Study
    Toyota case study Introduction This case study examines the corporate communication in Toyota 2010 Global Vision programme. Consider the vision articulated by Toyota and its alignment with the company’s image with external stakeholders and the ….
  13. Warren Buffet, 2005 Case Study
    The actual value of a security, as opposed to its market price or book value. The intrinsic value includes other variables such as brand name, trademarks, and copyrights that are often dificult to calculate and sometimes not accurately reflected in ….
  14. Saudi Arabia Case Study
    1. What are some current issues facing Saudi Arabia? What is the climate for doing business in Saudi Arabia today? Saudi Arabia has been accused over time that they have and are financing terrorists activities; thus has made them the focus on the ….
  15. “Hips Feel Good: – Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study
    The basis of this case study revolves around Karen Dunleavy a brand manager tasked with the responsibility of further market share growth with the Dove brand. The major problem that Karen Dunleavy is faced with is further establishing the Dove brand ….
  16. Goshe Corporation Case Study Sample
    I’ve called this meeting to seek to happen out why we’re holding a hard clip upgrading our EDP [ Electronic Data Processing ] Department to an MIS [ Management Information Systems ] Division. ” remarked Herb Banyon. executive frailty president of ….
  17. Mystic Monk Case Study
    What is his vision for Mystic Monk Coffee? What is the mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? A vision is basically the target goal for the company’s future. After reading the Mystic Monk Case, I came to the conclusion that the vision for the ….
  18. Dollar General Case Study Analysis
    Dollar General Case Study Analysis Background J. L. Turner and son Cal Turner founded Dollar General in 1939 as a wholesale dry goods retailer. They quickly changed their business to retail and opened their first dollar store in Kentucky, 1955. The ….
  19. Enager Industry Inc. Case Study
    Enager Industries Inc. is a young company whose growth was profound up to 1993 when it amassed sales over $222 Million. This company is comprised of three main divisions that are all considered to be independent from one another. The first and ….
  20. Red Bull Case Study
    1. How will you characterize Red Bulls overall global marketing strategy (global, glocal or local)? * Red Bull’s overall global marketing strategy is kind of glocal because on the Global level, Red Bull distinguishes itself from a lot of the ….

✍ Good Case Study Essay Topics

  1. 2010 Chile Earthquake Case Study
  2. 5 Year Old Child Case Study
  3. A Case Study In Diversity: India And Romania
  4. A Case Study Of Apple Inc Commerce
  5. A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company
  6. A Case Study On Dell Company
  7. A Case Study On Leptospirosis
  8. A Case Study On Sands Macao Limited
  9. A Case Study On Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  10. A Case Study On Telenor Group Pakistan
  11. A Case Study: Salvatore Ferragamo, Spa
  12. A Case Study: Soichiro Honda
  13. A Specsavers Case Study Business
  14. Abgenix Case Study
  15. Abnormal Psychology Case Study
  16. Abnormal Psychology: Case Study On American Beauty
  17. Acer Case Study
  18. Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study
  19. Activision Blizzard Merger Case Study Analysis
  20. Adams Capital Management Case Study
  21. Adolfo Dominguez Case Study
  22. Advertorials Case Study
  23. Agrana Case Study
  24. Air Asia Case Study
  25. Air France Case Study
  26. Airasia Case Study
  27. Ajax Case Study
  28. Al Dunpal Case Study
  29. Alex Ferguson’S Leadership Style Case Study
  30. Amber Inn Case Study
  31. American Connector Company Case Study
  32. American Express Case Study
  33. Ameritrade Case Study
  34. Analysis Of Case Study And Theoretical Application
  35. Analysis Of Case Study On Racism In Workplace
  36. Analysis Of Heather Evans Case Study Sample
  37. Analysis Of The Burt’S Bees Case Study
  38. Analysis Of The Case Study Of Bizrate
  39. Anatomy Case Study `The Growing Tumor`
  40. Andy Goldsworthy Case Study
  41. Anglo-American Case Study
  42. Anonymous Caller Auditing Case Study Sample
  43. Anorexia Case Study

What should be included in a case study?

Therefore, the majority of case study topics already include some challenge or an assumption that requires additional research. The case study usually includes a short description of a problem or an idea that must be explored with the data that should be helpful to let you explore and find the best solutions.

What is the importance of case study in sociology?

Case studies are valued among all social sciences. They are an excellent method to learn from real-life examples. What’s even better, you can apply the information you’ve gathered from them to a broader framework.

How do I write a good essay for a research paper?

Ask your tutor for formatting requirements such as font, size, space, or margin. Don’t forget to include a reference list at the end. Editing and proofreading. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure all your arguments are directly connected to your topic. Lastly, make sure to cite all your sources properly.

What can we learn from case studies about food waste?

Combating food waste in Norway: consequences of introducing the phrase “best before, often good after” on food labels. Case studies are valued among all social sciences. They are an excellent method to learn from real-life examples. What’s even better, you can apply the information you’ve gathered from them to a broader framework.

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Interesting Case Study Essay Topics

  1. Apple Inc.: Case Study
  2. Apple Ipad: Case Study Analysis Sample
  3. Aqualisa Case Study Solution
  4. Archies Case Study
  5. Armco Case Study
  6. Army Crew Team Case Study – Team Building
  7. Arrow Case Study
  8. Arthur Reed Case Study
  9. Atlantic Computer Case Study
  10. Atlantic Computer: Case Study Questions Sample
  11. Au Revoir To Quebec Case Study
  12. Audit Case Study
  13. Auditing Case Study
  14. Autism Case Study: Sam Dawson
  15. Autobytel Case Study
  16. Autobytel.Com Case Study
  17. Avon Case Study
  18. Axeon N.V. Case Study
  19. Ban On Smoking- Case Study
  20. Barclays Plc And Abn Amro Case Study
  21. Barilla Case Study
  22. Barton Case Study
  23. Bba (Case Study Hrm)
  24. Bbva Compass Case Study
  25. Bdo Insurance Brokers, Inc. – A Case Study
  26. Beech Nut Case Study On Ethics
  27. Beetle Case Study
  28. Behavioral Cognitive Case Study
  29. Ben And Jerry’S Case Study
  30. Bergerac Case Study
  31. Berkshire Carter S Lbo Case Study
  32. Better World Books Case Study
  33. Big Bazaar – Indian Walmart – Case Study
  34. Biomed Case Study
  35. Biopure Case Study
  36. Blitz Company Case Study
  37. Bmw Case Study
  38. Bmw: The 7 Series Case Study
  39. Body Shop’S Ethical Strategy Case Study
  40. Boeing 747 Case Study
  41. Boeing Case Study
  42. Bond-A-Matic Case Study: Go Or No Go?
  43. Boston Beer Case Study Analysis Sample
  44. Brain Teaser Case Study
  45. Bridgton Industries Case Study
  46. British Petroleum (Bp) Case Study
  47. Building Ans Sustaining Trust Case Study

How to write a case study for an academic assignment?

That’s why such academic assignment is quite difficult and challenging. A student has to choose a good topic and base it on some concrete case study. For example, one can write about post-traumatic stress disorder in general and then proceed to a particular case study. Here are 20 sample topics for a case study research.

What should be included in a case study?

Therefore, the majority of case study topics already include some challenge or an assumption that requires additional research. The case study usually includes a short description of a problem or an idea that must be explored with the data that should be helpful to let you explore and find the best solutions.

How do I choose a Psychology Case Study Topic?

Your Psychology case study topic will always depend on what you learn unless you have already been provided with an example to follow. Even if you have to deal with an average Joe or Jane of a certain age (or a group of people), you should identify the problem and proceed from there.

Which is the best site for case study analysis?

Case Study America Online, Inc. Case Study Analysis – Zillow.Com Case Study Golden Valley Foods, Inc.

Case Study Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Burger King Case Study
  2. Burton Case Study
  3. Bus Law Case Study
  4. Business Communication – Starbucks Case Study
  5. Business Ethics Case Study
  6. Business Ethics Case Study: Guidant Corporation
  7. Business Law Case Study
  8. Business Law: Analysis Of Contract Case Study
  9. Business Strategy Case Study
  10. Business Studies-Intrapreneurship Case Study
  11. Bweb Case Study
  12. Cadbury Beverages Inc. Case Study
  13. Cadbury Case Study
  14. Cadbury Crush Case Study
  15. Campus Food Case Study
  16. Canyon Ranch Case Study
  17. Cardiovascular Case Study: Atrial Septal Defect
  18. Carl Jung And Case Study
  19. Case Study – All Star Sports Catalogue Division
  20. Case Study – Angus Cartwright Iii
  21. Case Study – Ben And Jerry
  22. Case Study – Bunder Project
  23. Case Study – Dell Value Chain
  24. Case Study – Hilton Hhonors Loyalty War
  25. Case Study – Kfc China Strategies
  26. Case Study – Purchasing Management
  27. Case Study – The Amazon Of Innovation
  28. Case Study – The Athens Affair
  29. Case Study – Transparency Business Ethics
  30. Case Study – Zatswho Llc.
  31. Case Study : If The Coat Fits, Wear It
  32. Case Study “Al Dunlap At Sunbeam”
  33. Case Study “Bad News”
  34. Case Study “Handles And Hinges”
  35. Case Study A Yen For Yuan
  36. Case Study About Pws
  37. Case Study Action Plan
  38. Case Study America Online, Inc.
  39. Case Study Analysis – Suave
  40. Case Study Analysis – Zillow.Com
  41. Case Study Analysis Tata-Corus
  42. Case Study And Essential Operations Management
  43. Case Study Annotated Bibliography
  44. Case Study Assigmnent
  45. Case Study British Airways Swipe Card Debacle
  46. Case Study Butler Lumber
  47. Case Study Compound Fracture (Preschooler)
  48. Case Study Confettti Shoes
  49. Case Study Consumer Research Inc
  50. Case Study Curts Cowboy Center
  51. Case Study Erin Brockovich’S Action

What should be included in a case study?

Therefore, the majority of case study topics already include some challenge or an assumption that requires additional research. The case study usually includes a short description of a problem or an idea that must be explored with the data that should be helpful to let you explore and find the best solutions.

Are there any good essay topics for high school students?

There are multiple captivating essay topics for high school created to attract the attention of your teacher and other readers. Our essay topics for high school students will help you unveil your writing talent and make a good impression on readers. Have a look at these topics for high school essays to derive ideas of your own:

Are there different types of essay topics?

There are plenty essay types, and the character of their topics depends on the specifics of each paper. While persuasive and argumentative essay topics may seem to be identical, cause and effect and narrative essay topics are completely different. Is there too much pressure on teenagers to go to college?

How do teachers decide what topic to write about?

When teachers assign a task, they always mention a type of writing that students must do (like a persuasive essay, or a research paper). The decision on what topic to write lays 100% on the shoulders of a student.

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Case Study Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Case Study Ethical Dilemma
  2. Case Study For Abc, Incorporated
  3. Case Study For Ad-Lider Embalagens
  4. Case Study For Critical Analysis
  5. Case Study For Human Resources
  6. Case Study For Marvel
  7. Case Study For Midsouth Chamber
  8. Case Study Formulation Drug And Alcohol
  9. Case Study Go Mexico
  10. Case Study Golden Valley Foods, Inc.
  11. Case Study In Baguio
  12. Case Study Marilyn Monroe
  13. Case Study Minnetonka Warehouse
  14. Case Study New Jersey Insurance Company
  15. Case Study Ob Eric/ Kipsy
  16. Case Study Of Aileen Wurnos
  17. Case Study Of Architect Abdul Harris Othman
  18. Case Study Of Architect Koh Sheh-Ren
  19. Case Study Of Architect Looi Mun Kit
  20. Case Study Of Architect Muhammad Rafiq Azam
  21. Case Study Of Architect Winston Chu Kum Weng
  22. Case Study Of Army Crew Team
  23. Case Study Of Innovation At 3M Sample
  24. Case Study Of Jean Watson Caring Theory
  25. Case Study Of Jeffrey Dahmer
  26. Case Study Of Keurig Green Mountain
  27. Case Study Of Supply Chain Management At Luen Thai
  28. Case Study Of The Mannerist Modern Movement
  29. Case Study Of The Maxxi National Museum
  30. Case Study Of Unstable Angina Biology
  31. Case Study On A Hotel
  32. Case Study On Asos
  33. Case Study On Inventory Control

What are the different types of student case studies?

Case studies are useful not just in the field of education, but also in adhering to the arising issues in business, politics and other organizations. 1. Student Case Study Template 2. Graduate Student Case Study 3. Student Profile Case Study 4. Student Case Study Example 5. High School Student Case Study 6. Student Research Case Study 7.

Why Teach case studies at the elementary school level?

In their book Problems as Possibilities, Linda Torp and Sara Sage write that at the elementary school level, students particularly appreciate how they feel that they are taken seriously when solving case studies.

Where can I find online case studies for teaching in science?

The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science at the University at Buffalo built an online collection of more than 800 cases that cover topics ranging from biochemistry to economics. There are resources for middle and high school students.

How to write an essay in high school?

When working on any essay, the first thing you’ll have to figure out is your topic. In high school, you are supposed to pick the kind of topic you will be able to dig into — that is, you have to make sure you can find enough info on the subject.

⭐ Easy Case Study Essay Topics

  1. Case Study On Jolibee
  2. Case Study On Lincoln Electric
  3. Case Study On Music World
  4. Case Study On Pepsi
  5. Case Study On Psychology
  6. Case Study On Social Networking In Our Lives
  7. Case Study On Sports Connection Plc
  8. Case Study On The Hotel Industry In Kenya
  9. Case Study Perils Of Canoe Lake
  10. Case Study R&R Sample
  11. Case Study Red Bull – Further Market Expansion
  12. Case Study Scotts Miracle-Gro
  13. Case Study Sew What
  14. Case Study Sickle Cell Disease
  15. Case Study Sony
  16. Case Study Spanning The Glob Calerocelia
  17. Case Study Stermon Mills Case
  18. Case Study System Security Facebook Privacy
  19. Case Study Tesco
  20. Case Study The Flame
  21. Case Study Three
  22. Case Study Trans-European Plastics
  23. Case Study Volvo
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✅ Environmental Case Study Essay Topics

  1. The mobile vessel pump systems that reduce ocean pollution.
  2. Is saving endangered species possible in our times?
  3. The cons and pros of ecological tourism.
  4. The use of politics in the Global Warming campaigns.
  5. The Earthquake prevention systems in the United States.
  6. The clarity of Carbon Dioxide Emission reports.

️️ Informative Case Study Essay Topics

  1. Case Study on Human Rights in a Workplace
  2. Case Study on Smart Healthcare Center
  3. Case Study on The Acs Code of Morals
  4. Case Study on The Racial Discrimination in Sport
  5. Case Study Target Corporation: Ackman Versus The Board
  6. Case Study: a City Where Modernity Meet Tradition, Seoul
  7. Case Study: an Individual Whose Addiction Has Adversely Affected His Life
  8. Case Study: Autonomous Vehicles of Uber
  9. Case Study: Concepts of Treatment Methods, Approaches, and Strategies to Treat Drug Addiction
  10. Case Study: Google Search Engine
  11. Case Study: Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese Independence
  12. Case Study: The Home Depot Data Breach of 2014
  13. Case Study: The Succes of Google Company
  14. Concurrent Disorder Case Study Reflection
  15. Developmental Case Study: Psychosocial, Biosocial and Cognitive Aspects
  16. Doing a Swot Analysis: a Case Study of Precision Castparts Corporation
  17. Employee Resistance to Organizational Change: a Case Study of Telenor
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How do you write an introduction for a case study?
Introduction/Summary: The introduction should aim to hook the reader's attention in the first few sentences by explaining, in an interesting way, the question you will be answering or the case you will be exploring.
What is the difference between essay and case study?
While both essays and case studies are pieces of writing meant to inform others, an essay can inform anyone on a topic, while the audience for a case study will be limited to social or life science colleagues or researchers in those fields.
What does a case study essay look like?
Case study essays usually have to answer a specific question using examples from your case study. They are written in continuous prose (a series of paragraphs with no subheadings). They should be structured much like any other essay with an introduction, main body and conclusion.
What is an example of a case study?
Prospective case study methods are those in which an individual or group of people is observed in order to determine outcomes. For example, a group of individuals might be watched over an extended period of time to observe the progression of a particular disease.

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