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Mystic Monk Case Study

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What is his vision for Mystic Monk Coffee? What is the mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? A vision is basically the target goal for the company’s future. After reading the Mystic Monk Case, I came to the conclusion that the vision for the company is to earn enough profit to be able to purchase a Ranch called Irma Lake. In the case study, Father Daniel Mary states his vision, “We beg your prayers, your friendship and your support that this vision, our vision may come to be that Mount Carmel may be refounded in Wyoming’s Rockies for the glory of God”.

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Mystic Monk Case Study
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In this statement, the Irma Lake Ranch is located in what he refers to as the Wyoming Rockies. The mission statement essentially is what is happening in the company at that time or what their company purpose is. After reading this section, the mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming stood out to me as mass to monks with committed life of biblical importance, like prayer and worship.

Not only did they live a life of seclusion, but they also had silence at certain times of the day for rest and meditation for the purposes of worshiping their God.

These certain times would be help after breakfast, lunch or supper. The monk’s daily schedule was based on spiritual aspects with work in the middle of their worships. 2. What is Father Prior’s strategy for achieving his vision? What competitive advantage might Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy produce? Father Prior Daniel Mary’s strategy for achieving his vision came in various ways. First off, Father Prior noted that with all the donations that were provided and given to the Carmelite’s that they would be at a good start to buying the Irma Lake Ranch.

Second off, he considered using word of mouth to get the word out about the high quality Mystic Monk Coffee beans that were being sold. Forming a website to market and sale the popular Mystic Monk flavors was another way to strategize for the ranch. Father Prior also used the internet to show other items Mystic Monk sold. For instance, they were also selling gift cards, t-shirts, CD’s, chants and several different coffee mugs. There could be more than one competitive advantage that the Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy could produce.

First off, a competitive advantage is basically the capability to meet customer needs effectively and efficiently. I believe the strategy produces a competitive advantage for Mystic Monk Coffee by selling their products online. Selling products online allows customers to be at home and purchase what coffee flavors they’d like to be sent to them right at home. So the customers are saving gas, and having their coffee sent to their homes. This is very effective and efficient for the customers, as well as the company. 3. Does the strategy qualify as a winning strategy? Why or why not?

I believe the strategy qualifies as a winning strategy because it gives proof in the case study that it does. In the case study it talks about how much the Mystic Monk Coffee net profits ranges from. In our textbooks, it states that a winning strategy must pass the fit test, the performance test, and the competitive advantage test. As I stated above, their strategy definitely passes the competitive advantage test in my opinion. I believe the strategy passes the fit test and the performance test also. The Mystic Monk Company’s strategy without doubt fits the company’s fit test, by fitting the company’s situation to gain a profit.

The reason I believe it passes the performance test is because the strategy has set a good company starting point for revenues to occur also. These are all things that allow a company to succeed and prosper from in order to obtain their main vision. If Mystic Monk was not gaining a profit from the strategies they’ve put into effect, then I would definitely not qualify them as a winning strategy. Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy allows them to have customers all over the world. If they did not upgrade with the internet and website, then their product would have sold only to their locals of their town. . What THREE recommendations would you make to Father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and executing strategy for the monastery’s coffee operations? Three recommendations that I would make to Father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and executing strategy for the monastery’s coffee operations would lean more towards the social media field. Now days, most businesses, organizations, fundraising, and people use social media to advertise for their selves. Many people now use different types of media. For instance, the biggest social media now would probably be considered Facebook.

Father Daniel Mary could make a fan page or advertising page on Facebook or someone else could help him do it. He could then begin inviting people to his page, then they would invite others, and it was keep going to everyone. Eventually half of Facebook will encounter that webpage. Twitter is also another really big social media activity that a lot of people are using and switching over to from Facebook. Mystic Monk could also create a Twitter page and set it non-private for people to go and follow the page to get advertisement.

There is also one other website that I have heard of lately called LinkedIn, which according to an online website is a business-oriented social networking site. I am sure there are plenty other social media recommendations around, but here are the three I could think of as being the most popular. 5. Is change needed in its long-term direction? its objectives? strategy? its approach to strategy execution? Explain based on your reading of the chapters. From what I have read, I would say that of course Mystic Monk will need change in its long-term direction.

The reason I say this is because every company needs a long-term direction change to keep customers happy and wanting more. In the book, I read that objectives are an organization’s performance targets, like the specific results management wants to achieve. Objectives may not always need to be changed, but they are always changing constantly in a company. Once you achieve one target for the company, you don’t just quit, you set another objective to achieve in the future. This is the only way to keep a company on its toes are being productive.

Once the strategies for a company start to reduce the profits, then that’s when something needs to be down. It is never a good thing to go backwards or bankrupt within a company. If Mystic Monk were to do this, then how would they be able to afford and purchase their Ranch that is in their vision? The only way for Mystic Monk Coffee to execute their strategy is to continue coming up with new ideas to promote their company and its products to sell. If the company does not execute well, then the company will not earn a profit, therefore the company goes out of business with all dreams of the new Ranch.

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