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Coach Knight Case Study



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    This is not to mention his other huge successes us chi as becoming the last team to finish a college basketball season undefeated, multi pile NCAA championships, national coach of the year awards, and countless more. He is a powerful asset to add to any basketball program and progress and improvement are g remunerated. However, his hotheaded attitude has caused his admirable career to be litter d with controversies. Most notably, the videotape capturing Coach Knight choking on e of his players set him up for a accordance policy (Snood 6). The video only showed Coach

    Knight is one of him many infamous moments that ranged from throwing chairs onto the b settable court to kicking his own son during a game. Because of his controversial style, he has a very split audience of supporters and enemies Knight had a very unique way of motivating others and communicating with t hem. Using Miscellany’s theory of motivation, we can confidently say that he has a n extremely high need for achievement and power. Knight wants his team to be the best and is always in pursuit of the “perfect game”. This is how he justifies this questionable coach g style.

    His need for power is evident through his passion for coaching and teaching the t earn how to work hard and be tough. We can also claim that he lacks a need for affiliation since he couldn’t care less whether he fit in or not. He is very independent and takes p ride in his own methods. One characteristic I would like to point out about Coach Knight is what seems to be a pack of positive reinforcement and too much of negative reinforcement. Now here in the case did it tell us that he praised his team for executing well what they were taught .

    However, there ere plenty of times he would abusively yell at his team for failing to comply t o his demands. In a way, this is similar to Alex Sanders from our previous cases. She was also very driven and had a high need for achievement, but along the way, she forgot to encounter age her colleagues and began to collect resentment. Another similarity the two have a re their attitudes towards feedback. Alex knew what her criticism would be but chose to ignore them. Knight is just as similar. He knows that his coaching methods are controversial and has issued public apologies several times.

    Yet this doesn’t compel him to change and he is contain nude to be involved in controversies. We can also analyze the three different aspects of motivation: intensity, direct ion, and persistence. Intensity stands for the amount of effort that is put in, direction s how the efforts are channeled, and persistence is the amount Of time the effort is used. We ca n say that Knight was extremely intense with a clear direction. We can also conclude that t his persistence is high because he’s been coaching with this method for years. The players on the team are also motivated by more than just winning and Co chi Knight.

    They also have an extrinsic reward at stake. The basketball players are scholarship, meaning if they underperformed and Knight takes them off the tea m, they just lost a huge sum of money. This is another source of motivation or the players to do well. Knight has a very clear aggressive communication style. He is extremely silversides, often using colorful language to express himself and steps eve r his players. This puts him in a very close minded position where communication is not o ways and can breed frustration for the players and other third parties.

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