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Cause and Effect on Drunk Driving

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    Drinking and driving is a very bad combination. Mixing the two would be very deadly for many people on the streets. Drinking reduces your concentration and your reactions to sudden hazards which can lead to fatal accidents or severe injury. “MADD estimated that there are between 1,350 and 1,600 impaired crash fatalities in Canada each year. ” This meaning that there are an approximate of 1,450 lives stolen to drunk driving that can be saved if one person didn’t make a bad decision. Drinking and driving is a very obvious bad decision that people seem to make too often.

    It not only can kill but can also hurt someone financially. You should not drink while under the influence as it can put yourself and others in danger. This can all be prevented by making smarter decisions. If you choose to be responsible behind the wheel, you can save lives. To start off, driving under the influence (DUI) can harm many people around you and yourself as well. “Research shows that after 5-7 drinks the brain is numbed that one cannot even hold a pen yet alone get behind the wheel of a car yet people decide to make the obvious mistake and end up in horrible results.

    Drinking and driving has a large percentage in injuries and death. It is one of Canada’s largest criminal charge. Innocent people are being killed every year because of one or more person’s irresponsible decisions. It is not fair that an innocent victim should have to pay the price of someone’s mistake. When you are drunk, you should not drive. You are not in the right balanced state of mind to understand what you are doing as well as your reaction to sudden hazards will be slower. As a result you can end up killing others or injuring others and yourself. Also you can cause many damages on the streets and to your own car.

    There are many cases of car accidents and crashes due to driving under the influence. Secondly, driving while intoxicated can get you in a lot of trouble with the law itself. If you don’t take into consideration of others while drinking and driving, then think of the penalties and fines you can receive if caught driving under the influence (DUI). The rule for drivers under the age of twenty one (21) is to always have zero percent (0%) of alcohol in your system while behind the wheel. “If caught drinking and driving your licence can be suspended for a lifetime depending on how many DUI charges you have had in the past.

    You will also receive a ninety day (90) road suspension. The minimum fine you can receive is a thousand dollars and you can serve up to one hundred and twenty (120) days of jail time. ” “Drinking and driving can cost you lots of money if caught. The total minimum costs for a convicted drinking driver is eighteen thousand one hundred and twenty 8 dollars ($18,128). ” Also your insurance will be raised at a very higher cost so next time you are drinking, think of how much it can cost you to get behind that wheel. Drinking and driving is a very deadly combination.

    As explained earlier, it is said that approximately 1,450 lives are lost due to driving under the influence. These lives could have been saved if one made the responsible choice of not driving under the influence. Drinking and driving have a large percentage in Canada for injuries and deaths. So why do people still choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated? Thousands of people across Canada unfortunately have past experiences with death within the family due to drunk driving. This can hurt someone so much that they can get into a depressed state of mind.

    Drinking and driving can ruin one’s life. I have an experience of knowing a friend who had killed their best friend due to drinking and driving. That same person is not the same anymore and he was in a depressed state of mind and had suicidal thoughts. The same scenario can happen to many other people. People can be really affected by the loss of someone due to drinking and driving. Drinking and driving can cause someone to be in a depressed state of mind and even lead to suicide. There are ways to avoid this from happening and it all starts from responsible decision making.

    If you plan on drinking, you should plan on not driving. You should always plan a safe way back home if you are drinking. Also, if you plan on drinking you can have one person assigned as the designated driver and maybe take turns every time you and your buddies go out. If you had driven already and did not plan on getting drunk, the best thing to do is call someone to pick you up or even call a cab. This may cost you some extra money but it better than what it can cost you if you are a convicted drunk driver. These are just some ways you can avoid from having to drink under the influence.

    Following these tips will benefit your safety and the safety to others. In conclusion, drinking and driving can put yourself and others in danger. Many lives are lost due to drinking and driving and other are lucky to have severe injuries. So why drink and drive? There are no positive effects of drinking and driving as it can cost you lots of money if caught. Drinking and driving hurts thousands of people which lead to depression which can lead into suicide. Be smart when you drink, do not mix the two as it can be very deadly. Drink responsibly.

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