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Joanne Kerr and Jack Elwell’s journal offers honest material on the Problem of drunk driving, especially on youngsters complete with its laws and consequences. Taking a thought-provoking advance to the realities and Facts on Drunk Driving, sections in their journal offer vital advice on everything from, alcohol abuse among adolescents to analyses of several drunk driving fatalities. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than half of all the accidents happened over the years included a drunk driver with a BAC of 0.08 or more. The writers clarified differences between the body mass, proficiency with alcohol, and judgments in adults and teenagers. According to the journal, teenagers are more vulnerable than adults to problems associated with sporadic consumption. Those BAC levels that may have no problem for adults can be threatening for youths.

Writers explained how the adolescents often lack the experience in considering by what means alcohol affects them. Alcohol ingestion by juvenile drinkers continues to be a glitch in our society. One of the facts this journal stated was that Adolescents who have dunk one to two drinks with a BAC between 0 and 0.05 face twice the risk of death from drunk driving compared to non-drinkers, Those who have drunk three to five drinks with a BAC between 0.05 and 0.10 faces 10-times increase in risk and finally those who have consumed six or more drinks with a BAC over 0.10, face 100 times more risk of death, then a typical non-drinker. These aren’t just assumptions, these are real facts that show some real data on how the young generation, a big part of our society is getting affected by driving under the influence of alcohol. To preclude it from happening laws must be hard enough for Adolescents to think twice before making the bad decision of driving drunk.

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Writers gave us an example of the Californian zero-tolerance law that took effect on 1 January 1994. According to this law any juvenile driver (less than 21 years of age) who is stopped by the police and found to have a detectable blood alcohol level (BAC 2 0.01%) could have their driver’s license immediately confiscated. 0.01% is the tiniest amount of BAC level for a person to be considered drunk, but still it makes people consider the consequences. In the end the writers informed us about their Drunk Driving Prevention Forum, an operative intervention technique based on student remarks, replies, and the number of completed Pledged Agreements. All the students in this forum were given a graphic representation of the risk and consequences of drinking alcohol when operating a motor vehicle. Each forum is attended by Over 200 students and staff members. Every student attending this forum gets a Commitment Contract and key chain. Numerous lives are saved through the impact of this event. All the teachers, fire fighters, paramedics, and police officers appearing in the forum found it quite gratifying and each one of them appreciated the fact this forum creates a lifelong impression for these adolescents.

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