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Bullying is a serious problem in schools and it is important to consider the reasons why children become bullies. The foundation of bullying is often built at home, where children may not receive warmth or love from family members, preventing them from expressing their feelings and leading them to become bullies. Parents who lack supervision and fail to pay attention to their children may not realize that their children are becoming bullies and harming others. Modeling behaviors of bullying can also put children at risk of becoming bullies themselves. Siblings can also play a role in teaching younger siblings to become bullies. Thus, parents should always be mindful of their attitudes and behaviors around their children, be loving and caring towards them, and ask about their feelings and experiences at school.

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Bullying in schools is a major problem, and while the focus is often on the victims, it’s important to understand why children become bullies. I believe this behavior stems from how they are treated by their family members at home. The root of bullying can be attributed to the familial environment where relationships lack love and attention, hindering emotional expression and ultimately leading to children becoming bullies.

Parents who lack supervision or attentiveness towards their children may remain oblivious to their kids’ participation in bullying and the resulting harm inflicted upon others. Additionally, if children observe their parents partaking in bullying actions, they may imitate such behavior and perceive screaming, judging, and teasing other children as acceptable conduct. Moreover, siblings play a crucial role in educating younger children on the subject of bullying.

It is important for parents to be aware of their actions at home in order to provide a positive role model for their children. If younger siblings witness older siblings participating in bullying, they may copy this behavior in an attempt to gain their approval. As a result, parents should show affection and concern towards their children, ask about their feelings, and make sure they are doing well in school while addressing any discomfort they may feel.

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