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Cause & Effects of Bullying

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Cause & Effect More than two-thirds of students believe that schools respond poorly to bullying; a high percentage of them believing that adult help is infrequent thus ineffective. Bullying is linked to many short term and long term effects on the victim, bully, and bystanders. Self-esteem issues, health issues, and poor grades are a few of the many effects of bullying. When kids are bullied they become depressed, and being depressed causes self- esteem issues. This causes them to lose hope, in themselves and in others.

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Cause & Effects of Bullying
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There are many scenarios to this, resulting in suicidal thought, social anxieties, and withdrawal from friends and family but this is Just one. After being repeatedly called a fat cow for weeks, Sally probably feels like a cow with no hope of losing weight and being pretty. Her perception of reality, which is that she indeed can lose the little bit of extra baggage she has easily, is being distorted by her bully. Instead of seeing the truth about herself, she loses hope and binges on hot Chests and Ice Cream and eating fatter.

Some health issues are anxiety, malnutrition, and headaches. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder caused by a traumatic event that mentally scars a person. The effects of OPTS can take a toll on a person’s day to day life in that it causes nightmares, more depression, feeling Jittery, detachment, infection, irritability, flashbacks, etc… Malnutrition is caused by a deficiency of nutrients, which is found most commonly in girls bullying each other about who’s skinnier, thus anorexia.

Headaches are another effect of bullying; though the exact cause is not yet understood, we know stress and mental or emotional conflict are a typical cause for triggering headaches. Kids are likely to skip school because of anxieties from being bullied in school. These anxieties cause headaches, which is another reason why kids are skipping school and their grades are going down. Some kids feel that they are worthless because of the things bullies say; therefore they resort to failing school and eventually even drop out.

It’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel with bullies constantly bringing you down. If parents and teachers paid more careful attention, many of these problems can be avoided. There needs to be programs in school teaching more about this, possibly even include it in the DARE program even though it’s for drug awareness. Making student and teachers more aware of these problems could one day end bullying for good. Cause & Effects of Bullying By economize

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