Cause & Effects of Bullying

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According to many students, schools often fail to effectively address bullying as adults rarely intervene. Bullying negatively impacts victims, bullies, and bystanders by harming their self-esteem, health, and academic success. Those who experience bullying frequently also endure depression which worsens their self-esteem problems and leads to a loss of trust in themselves and others.

Various circumstances can lead to negative outcomes, such as having thoughts of suicide, experiencing social anxieties, and withdrawing from relationships. Sally’s situation exemplifies this phenomenon. She has endured weeks of insults and derogatory comments that have caused her to feel hopeless about losing weight and feeling attractive. The actions of her tormentor have distorted her perception of reality, making her believe that achieving slight weight loss is impossible. Instead of accepting the truth about herself, Sally loses hope and copes by consuming excessive amounts of hot Cheetos and ice cream, resulting in even more weight gain.

Several health issues, such as anxiety, malnutrition, and headaches, can have a significant impact on a person’s well-being. One mental disorder that can arise from a traumatic event is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which leaves lasting scars on an individual’s mental state. The effects of PTSD are diverse and can greatly affect daily life, including nightmares, increased depression, jitters, detachment, infection, irritability, and flashbacks. Malnutrition is another condition caused by inadequate intake of necessary nutrients. This problem often arises when girls engage in body shaming based on size and can ultimately lead to the development of anorexia.

Headaches can be a result of bullying, which is typically caused by stress and psychological conflict. Bullying in educational settings can lead to anxieties that cause headaches, resulting in school avoidance and academic decline. The hurtful words of bullies contribute to feelings of worthlessness among certain students, leading them to struggle academically and eventually give up.

Constantly being brought down by bullies makes it challenging to see a positive outcome. With increased vigilance from parents and teachers, many of these issues can be prevented. Introducing programs in schools that address this issue, such as incorporating it into the DARE program (originally for drug awareness), could be beneficial. By educating students and teachers about these problems, we may eventually put an end to bullying permanently.

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