Chaim Potok’ s Look Into Human Nature

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Chaim Potok’ s Look Into Human Nature Essay, Research Paper The Chosen: Chaim Potok ’ s Look Into Human Nature A bad thing is merely genuinely bad if you fail to do good of it. The Chosen by Chaim Potok is a testimant to the human ability to larn, turn and prosper from hardship. The narrative is filled with illustrations of state of affairss in which something that may look bad at the clip, subsequently reaps great wagess. In the initial part of The Chosen one of the chief characters, Reuven Malter, is struck in the oculus by a baseball hit by the other chief character, Danny Saunders.

Surgery is needed on Reuven ’ s oculus, and the hereafter usage of his oculus is in uncertainty. To most this might look a bad state of affairs, a awful thing to go on to a male child, but Reuven and Danny are brought together by this unfortunate incident and develop a strong and honoring friendly relationship. This friendly relationship of class has its ups and downs, but overall proves to be an priceless acquisition experience to both immature work forces. Danny is forced to digest an awkward and perchance barbarous state of affairs for the bulk of his formative old ages.

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Danny ’ s father ne’er speaks with him. With the exclusion of Talmud treatments and Danny ’ s baseball squad thought, Danny and his male parent ne’er speak. This state of affairs causes Danny a great trade of emotional hurting, a hurting which he is unable to grok his male parent ’ s grounds for bring downing. His male parent feared, and with ground, that if something were non done, Danny would ne’er happen his psyche.

After many old ages, Danny eventually understands, and accepts the grounds for his male parent ’ s silence, and is in many ways grateful for its success. History is rich with single, and wide illustrations of Potok ’ s expression into human nature. During the Second World War, America suffered about four hundred 1000 casualties, yet reached a province of national integrity that has non been achieved before or after. The war besides ended the Great Depression that caused so many people, son many jobs. The atomic bombs dropped on the Nipponese metropoliss of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reaped considerable decease and devastation, yet prevented far more. Even as far back as scriptural times, the Isrealites became Egyption slaves, but this subjugation forced them to interrupt out and return to the “ assure land.

” Charles Darwin theorized that something that is able to last, accommodate and thrive under rough conditions becomes stronger and better. The universe is abundant with illustrations great and little of Potok ’ s expression into human nature. While non all bad state of affairss reap greater wagess than the hurting inflicted, if the individual or people fail to larn and do something good of it, so it is all for nothing.

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