Challenges In Managing Human Resource Relations Business

Basic Human Resource Function plays a important function in guaranting that an organisation achieves its ends. However, the maps are faced with challenges emanating from within and without the organisation. In this regard, this analysis seeks to place such challenges and the factors impacting on St Joseph ‘s Healthcare System by analysing its Human Resource Management maps. The analysis identifies the organisation to hold enjoyed growing over clip although its Human Resource direction faces challenges in pull offing dealingss between different groups within the organisation. The challenges range from those related to the groups to the 1s related to the organisation construction and outside factors. The organisation is besides capable to Torahs and ordinances seeking to modulate the health care industry every bit good as labour dealingss. In add-on, other factors like brotherhood affairs, employee related factors and operational affairs affect Human Resource maps. In this consideration, the analysis recommends best patterns to turn to the challenges and jobs confronting the Human Resource Management. The recommendations include best patterns in recruiting, places description and choice interviews through which the Human Resource direction can guarantee that the organisation has the right people for the right occupations heightening the organisation ‘s public presentation.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Employee Employer Relations, St Joseph Healthcare.

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Human Resource Management is a cardinal map in any organisation given the demand to optimise Human Resource efficiency in service bringing and production. In these regard, Human Resource sections are tasked with execution of Human Resource Management maps to heighten productiveness and dealingss between the assorted involvement groups within the organisation. Such maps range from recruiting, developing & A ; keeping, public presentation & A ; wagess rating to employees go out direction. In its command to transport out the maps, Human Resource Management has trades with assorted internal and external factors which enhances or hinders its effectivity.

In that regard, this analysis identifies ST Joseph ‘s Health Care System for analysis on the basic maps of Human Resource. This is done by supplying the organisation ‘s overview which describes its position and place in the market every bit good as its human resource capacity. The analysis so discusses specific challenges faced in pull offing the relationship between Human Resources, executive direction and other organisational sections within the organisation. The treatment besides identifies the Torahs and ordinances that affect the organisation and it ‘s Human Resource Function. In add-on, the analysis identifies three factors that affect the relationship between the employee and the employer in the organisation and eventually provides a list of best patterns sing: place descriptions, enrolling and choice questioning while supplying a principle behind the recommendations.


Organization ‘s overview

St Joseph ‘s Healthcare is a US based Health Care System owned by Catholic Church as a healing ministry that is sponsored by Sisters of Charity of St Elizabeth. The system focuses on bringing of quality wellness attention services to the underprivileged and the hapless in New Jersey. In add-on, it is divided into assorted divisions based on service forte and location including: St Joseph ‘s Medical Center and St Joseph ‘s Children ‘s Hospital located in Paterson, St Vincent ‘s Nursing Home located in Cedar Grove, St Joseph ‘s Wayne Hospital, and the Visiting Health Services of New Jersey Inc. in Totowa. ( St Joseph ‘s, 2013 )

Presently, St Joseph ‘s Health Care System has over 1,400 doctors and about 5,000 employees system-wide hence being the largest employer in Passaic County. In add-on, the system is the healthcare supplier of pick for New Jersey occupants every bit good as the 2nd largest in Charity attention in the part. ( St Joseph ‘s, 2013 )

Further, the system has grown in its service bringing from the 102 patients it served in its first twelvemonth of operation to over 1.6 million patients served in the twelvemonth 2012. The System besides operates a 1,000 beds system and continues its lead in healthcare service in the community. The celebrated growing and public presentation mileposts can be marked by the US News and World Report ‘s acknowledgment of St Joseph ‘s Medical Centre as being among the best infirmaries in New Jersey and for its first-class public presentation in Neurology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Cancer and Nephrology. ( St Joseph ‘s, 2013 )

Challenges in pull offing Human Resource dealingss

Pull offing an organisation ‘s human resource entails direction of assorted divisions and involvement groups including: executive direction, middle degree direction, other organisational sections and Human Resources. Therefore, Human Resource Management and the other directors are required to closely work together to guarantee that employee related issues are resolved. ( Neo, Hollenbeck, Gerhardt & A ; Wright, 2009 ) Therefore, a wellness relationship between all parties is important in guaranting that necessary support required by one from group the other is efficaciously provided. A perfect illustration could be where directors would mention employees to the Human Resource Management for arrangement in a preparation programme while the Human Resource could in bend refer to the direction for blessing of disciplinary actions on employees. Therefore, cooperation between the different groups is required in order to heighten an organisation ‘s public presentation. ( Boxal, 2013 ) However, the groups ‘ relationships are faced with challenges which can halter an organisation ‘s public presentation. Some of the challenges identifiable in direction of St Joseph ‘s Health Care System employee ‘s dealingss include:

Laws and Regulations impacting Human Resource Functions

US health care industry is extremely protected due to the sensitive nature of its service and patterns. Therefore, there are several Torahs and ordinances passed by the federal authorities in order to modulate the industry ‘s operations in relation to labour dealingss affairs and client ‘s dealingss. ( Miller, 2006 ) Some of the Torahs modulating the industry and labour dealingss and which impact on St Joseph ‘s Human Resource ‘s Function include:

Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Act prohibits employers from know aparting against employees based on race, colour, faith, nationality or gender. ( National Labor, 2013 )

Occupational safety and hazard Act of 1970.

The jurisprudence requires all employers to guarantee that employees have entree to safe working environment. ( National Labor, 2013 )

Occupation safety and wellness Administration ( OSHA ) .

It requires the health care organisations to unwrap in seeable locations and designates an exposure incident that occurred in the past twelvemonth. ( US Equal, 2013 )

Familial Information and Non favoritism Act. ( GINA ) .

The jurisprudence was enacted in 2009 under the Jurisdiction of Equal employment chance committee. It prohibits employers from utilizing familial information including single and household member ‘s familial trials. Therefore, employers can non entree household member ‘s medical history on disease, conditions and upset for their determination doing sing an employee. ( US Equal, 2013 )

– National labour dealingss Act.

It was enacted by Congress to protect employees and employers every bit good as encourage effectual corporate bargaining. The jurisprudence was besides meant to forestall any patterns by directions and private sector that could harm concerns, employees, employers and the economic system ‘s public assistance. The act ensures that organisations have appropriate pay rates every bit good as supercharging them to prosecute in effectual corporate bargaining to avoid work stoppages and other industrial agitations. ( National Labor, 2013 )

Factors impacting employee employer dealingss

Employee employer dealingss are normally characterized by satisfaction and dissatisfaction depending on the Human Resource Management ‘s ability to turn to the involved parties ‘ conflicting involvements every bit good as due to external factors with direct or indirect consequence on the dealingss. Such factors with a important consequence on the dealingss are related to corporate bargaining, employment relationships, public presentation, and wagess every bit good as employees participation in determination devising. ( Beardwell & A ; Claydon, 2007 ) Specific to St Joseph ‘s employee employer dealingss are three factors which have a important impact on the dealingss. The factors include hapless corporate bargaining, deficiency of or low employee engagement in determination devising every bit good as the altering concern and market environment which requires policies and schemes that have sometimes being the beginning of struggle between the organisation and its employees.

Best patterns recommendation.

In order to turn to the struggles that negatively affect St Joseph ‘s Health Care System ‘s employees employer dealingss every bit good as reference the challenges confronting the direction of relationships between executive direction, human resource and other organisational sections, the organisation needs to turn to issues in the enlisting, occupations description and choice interviewing in order to guarantee that the right people join the organisation and clearly understands the range and footings of their places. ( Marchington & A ; Wilkinson, 2008 ) In this regard, some effectual patterns that can be applied in description of places, recruiting every bit good as choice questioning are as follows.


Human resource direction must put in topographic point strategic steps in order to guarantee that the organisation ‘s labour force demands are met. As the map responsible for branding the organisation, Human Resource Management should use effectual corporate stigmatization to do the organisation an employer of pick for talented and competent campaigners. This can be achieved through application of the best patterns in enrolling with an accent on fiting capablenesss, committedness and employee ‘s part to the organisation ‘s demands and ends. ( Mumford, 1772 )

Position description

Position description should ever be preceded by a thorough analysis of the place which should affect efficaciously analysing the undertakings that the place holder should execute. This is suited for better and clear designation of cardinal properties, features, qualities, and attitudes of the right campaigner for the place. After the analysis, there should be a clear description of the necessary makings, responsibilities, duties, and the grade of the authorization that the place holders should possess in executing of their responsibilities. ( Marchington & A ; Wilkinson, 2008 )

Choice questioning

Interview ‘s result is normally extremely dependent on the cogency and dependability of the procedure applied. In add-on, the effectivity of determination devising during and after the choice interviewing is dependent on the procedures ‘ dependability and cogency. In this regard, doing the procedure more dependable requires consistence in the interviewers ‘ judgement. Consequently, this requires an effectual analysis of the occupation to supply appropriate choice standards. On the other manus, the organisation should increase the choice questioning cogency by guaranting that there is relevancy to the occupation in inquiry. This can be achieved through a anterior occupation analysis by experient interviewers for the intent of foretelling future public presentation. ( Henderson, 2008 )


The analysis has demonstrated the importance of basic Human Resource maps in relation to St Joseph ‘s Health Care System. Although the establishment has had enormous growing since its origin to being a preferable infirmary of pick for New Jersey occupants, it has had a portion of Human Resource Management challenges. In this regard, the Human Resource ‘s map in the organisation has to cover with challenges confronting direction of dealingss between the assorted groups within the organisation. In add-on, Human Resource Management has to be cognizant of and cover with external factors like the Torahs and ordinances that are meant to streamline the operations in the health care industry and in labour dealingss impacting on their maps. Further, the Human Resource has to turn to factors that greatly affect the employer employee relation as important in finding the success of the organisation. Finally, application of best patterns by Human Resource Management in recruiting, places description every bit good as choice interviewing has been demonstrated as being the redress to some of the challenges confronting relationships direction every bit good as employee employer dealingss.

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