Difficulties of Changes in Life and Relationship

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Change is a hurdle that I have encountered throughout my life. It appears in different forms and people react to it differently. However, I have realized that change can be the most profound experience.

Before, I thought change only happened when someone moved or a loved one passed away. While these events can be catalysts for change, it’s not necessary for important occurrences to prompt change. Sometimes, change can happen quickly when the mind decides it’s time for something new. Moreover, even friendships with people who have moved on can lead to transformative experiences.

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Similar to many individuals, I possess a resistance towards change. This is noticeable in how I have lost contact with the majority of my childhood friends. The apprehension towards change often originates from the anticipation of creating distance and a decline in emotional attachment. A particular incident that exemplifies this is when my dearest companion moved to another state for university.

It appears that our communication and connection will change from what it used to be. However, I am grateful for the internet which allows me to communicate with him through computer instant messaging. People usually resist change until they are forced to adapt due to circumstances. It is sad how this process happens, but it often serves as the main driver for personal transformation.

Like peer pressure, the people we admire often want us to remain unchanged, but this can lead us down the wrong path. For instance, I came close to succumbing to peer pressure to drink alcohol and smoke. Luckily, I managed to avoid this influence and did not have that experience.

Although my mother wished for me to remain a child, I eventually matured. It is natural for individuals to evolve over time, and it would be beneficial if our loved ones could comprehend and embrace the reasons behind these transformations. Resisting and opposing change can be difficult and unsettling, especially when someone strives for substantial alteration.

When the time came for me to enter high school, I had to make substantial changes in my life. Usually, the motivation for change does not originate from within oneself but rather from an internal sensation. Although this change may not initially appear beneficial, upon closer inspection, one would realize that the person they admire is not actually transforming themselves. Rather, they are merely attempting to uncover their authentic identity and what they genuinely require is the support of their loved ones.

In college, I expected big changes to happen. Thankfully, my loved ones supported me and made these changes easier to handle. Unfortunately, when people close to you see these changes as insignificant and try to hold onto everything with strict rules, it can cause distress and make the person being admired change. They think these changes will be valued, but in truth, they have no idea.

Change can be viewed as a means to foster individual growth and progress, devoid of any inherent value judgment. When someone in your life is experiencing change, it is essential to offer your support. By sharing your perspective and assisting them in overcoming obstacles, you enable them to follow their own journey irrespective of the sentiments held by those close to them.

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