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Changmai Corporation

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1. What concluding should McLeod use to seek and manage the quandary he is confronting? Due to McLeod is a extremely qualified applied scientist and had a broad experience gained in some of the most sophisticated mush Millss in the universe. he believed that utilizing Western criterions is ever merely right manner. However. it seems non suited in every state. The based ask from McLeod is to protect safety for employees. which is good. but by proclaimed human right and ensured into contract don’t work in this country.

Peoples working in Asia are more respect strong sense of household non single right. Based on this civilization sense. McLeod could get down on edifice relationship and enforcing how of import to put to death safety procedure such as employees are belongings. if they get hurt. the building will be hold. Harmonizing to cultural difference. word by word in contract is non good manner to implement Asia contractors to follow. McLeod should be flexible about how to equilibrate western criterions and eastern criterions.

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2. How do you believe Bailey’s CEO. Mr. Hartford. should react to Bailey’s quandary?

Since American is evidently non let payoff and corruptness and Mr. Hartford has ever been in the imperativeness about the diminution of moral values in concern. he might answer Bailey it is unaccepted for particular budget. However. when you work in different state. it is possible to follow their criterions. In this instance. if Bailey wants to do certain it is non behind agenda and the factory can be finished every bit shortly as possible. this particular dependable service revenue enhancement should be paid. This is a challenge for transnational corporations to maintain their ain criterion value or adjust to host country’s standard value.

3. What is your reaction to the argument presented in the concluding paragraphs? I wholly agree with the Frenchman. Thierry Dupont. said that “With 13 per cent unemployment in France. anyone who creates occupations is a hero. ” Corruptness is everyplace but present in different signifier and significance. There is no 1 criterion for every state. Western people are announced human right and they do what they want. It spreads societal jobs such as dug and force. Eastern people are hierarchal oriented and they value relationship with group non single public presentation. On the other manus. their corruptness and force per unit area from good relationship around are more than western. Everything has two sides ; I would wish to state it is all right for each country’s criterions.

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