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Character Development of Odysseus and Bilbo

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By looking at the development between Odysseus and Bilbo, the hero with the greater hero on the inside is probably Odysseus. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, half the size of a regular man, loves food, drinks, and security like a normal hobbit. However, Bilbo’s life dramatically changed when Gandalf enlists Bilbo’s help in Thorin’s journey for the treasure under the mountain.

Throughout the story, Bilbo begins a process of gradual development, transforming from a cautious homebody at the beginning, to a brave and confident hero at the end.

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Character Development of Odysseus and Bilbo
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During the journey, Bilbo shows a side to him that is cunning and strong and slowly becomes the commanding force holding the group of dwarves together. He saves them from the goblins by shouting for Gandalf; he then rescues them from spiders and wood elves in Mirkwood.

Bilbo finds the way into the mountain, he leads them to the treasure, he discovers Smaug’s weak spot, and he tries to prevent Thorin’s greed and to bring peace to the fighting dwarves, elves, and humans.

It’s true that Bilbo has gone through a lot and has gone through a huge change from being a hobbit. Odysseus also went through a quest but his challenges were much longer and they all led to knowing to obey and not fall into temptation.

Just because his crew members were curious and didn’t listen to their captains orders, they all died and Odysseus was left all alone. This was a key point to Odysseus being the better hero because he got to his goal by himself but Bilbo on the other side got help from his team members. In his journey, Odysseus found out more about himself and was able to pass through the obstacles without falling into temptation and at the end found his way back home to make everything right, how things were before he left, but as a hero inside and out.

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