Character Development of Odysseus and Bilbo

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The development of Odysseus and Bilbo as heroes was analyzed to determine who the greater hero is. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who loves food, drinks, and security, but his life changes when he joins Thorin’s journey for treasure. Throughout the story, Bilbo develops from a cautious homebody to a brave and confident hero, saving his team from goblins, spiders, and wood elves, discovering the way into the mountain, and bringing peace to fighting dwarves, elves, and humans. However, Odysseus’ challenges were longer, and he had to learn to obey and not fall into temptation. Despite losing his crew members, Odysseus was able to pass through obstacles and return home as a hero inside and out. Therefore, Odysseus is likely the greater hero because he achieved his goal independently, while Bilbo received help from his team.

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Despite their physical differences, the text indicates that Odysseus possesses a more powerful inner hero than Bilbo. While Bilbo, being a smaller hobbit who indulges in food, drinks, and a cozy lifestyle like his fellow hobbits, experiences a significant transformation when Gandalf invites him to assist in Thorin’s quest to reclaim the treasure beneath the mountain.

In the story, Bilbo undergoes a transformative journey as he evolves from a timid and cautious person to a courageous and confident hero. Throughout his journey, Bilbo demonstrates resourcefulness and bravery by serving as the leader who unifies the group of dwarves. He fearlessly seeks Gandalf’s help to save them from goblins and takes it upon himself to rescue them from dangerous circumstances involving spiders and wood elves in Mirkwood.

Bilbo and Odysseus both embarked on incredible quests. Bilbo navigated his way into the mountain, guided the group to the treasure, uncovered Smaug’s vulnerability, and strove to quell the greed and conflicts amongst the dwarves, elves, and humans. This journey transformed him from a humble hobbit. Similarly, Odysseus faced numerous trials that extended over a significant period of time. Yet, his challenges ultimately taught him the importance of obedience and resisting temptation.

Despite the curiosity of his crew members and their disobedience to their captain’s orders, they all perished while Odysseus alone survived. This distinction solidifies Odysseus as the superior hero, as he accomplished his objective on his own, while Bilbo, conversely, relied on assistance from his teammates. Throughout his quest, Odysseus discovered more about himself and successfully navigated obstacles without succumbing to temptation. Ultimately, he managed to return home and restore everything to its former state, emerging as a hero both internally and externally.

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