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The First Sentence of the Iliad


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What did Homer think about the atrocities of war? Prove your thesis with examples from the text. Homer regarded war as an necessary, foolish evil. He laughed at the men foolish enough to go fight for a girl for ten years, but also said that war was the quickest way to honor, which was all…

The Various Roles of Women in The Iliad



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In Homer’s epic, The Iliad, women such as Helen and Chryseis are depicted as objects and possessions to be taken, traded, and enjoyed by males. Other females provide emotional support to male characters, such as Achilles mother, Thetis. Additionally, several female goddesses are depicted as powerful figures lending support or influence over males. Overall, the…

The Iliad: is it Theatre?



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Homer’s, or realistically, homers Iliad is a story of ancient fable, history, and creation. The story talks about arguments between gods and wars waged between nations. Though the story is only partially true, kings, and aristocracy preoccupied their time with the luxury of professional story performers. The goal is not to break apart the Iliad…

Achilleus and Hektor in the Iliad



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The final book of the Aeneid culminates in a dramatic duel between Aeneas and Turnus that meticulously mirrors the final encounter between Achilleus and Hektor in the Iliad. Though superficially almost identical, analyzing the motivational, stylistic, and contextual differences between the two encounters reveals that the antagonism between Aeneas and Turnus is fundamentally different than…

The Iliad and The Inferno: A Comparison


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Dante’s The Inferno and Homer’s The Iliad are two of the most influential pieces of literature around the world. Though they originate from different countries and written by different authors, they present to the readers the personal thought of the authors’ value system: Homer glorifying war and the heroes who partook on it; Dante emphasizing…

Comparison Of The Odessey And

Classical mythology

Greek Mythology



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The Odyssey and the IliadIn our day and age, people strive for independence and a sense of authority. However, at many times this is more easily said than done. Whether it be God, or in the eyes of the Achaeans and Trojans, the immortals, lives and actions are commonly defined by a higher being. Which…

The Use of Similes in the Iliad

Classical mythology

Greek Mythology



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The use of similes in the Iliad is very prevalent and much used, and in books fourteen and fifteen in particular those similes have been very interesting. They have been used to describe the great and mighty fighters like Ajax and Hector, and they truly are marvelous in their comparison to the similes of the…

Fate Versus the Will of Juno



Roman Mythology

Words: 1785 (8 pages)

Virgil is considered the most renowned Latin poet, according to the work “Divine Intervention, Supremacy of Fate in The Aeneid. ” He is the writer of the epic poem The Aeneid. Virgil’s epic is a continuation of Homer’s The Iliad. The Aeneid is very much like The Iliad. In The Iliad, the men and gods…

The Iliad – a Reaction Paper


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A very important part of being a hero is having human qualities, particularly faults and shortcomings. At times these larger-than-life heroes can make very mortal, human mistakes; they are victims of fate and chances as well (Oedipus). At times, these mistakes have grave consequences (death in the most honorable cases). However, it is this element…

Comparisons of Achilles vs Gilgamesh




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Comparisons of Achilles vs Gilgamesh “The man who is incapable of working in the common, or in his self sufficiency has no need for others, is not a part of the community like a beast of or a god;” quoted from Artistotle, this statement bears a resemblance to the epic heroes Gilgamesh and Achilles in…

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Everything you need to know to write a perfect Essay on Iliad

The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer. Usually considered to have been written down circa the 8th century BC, the Iliad is among the oldest …

Number of Books: 24 books

Characters: Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon, Patroclus, Priam, Paris, Helen of Troy, Menelaus

Author: Homer

Theme: Love and friendship, fate and free will, and honor are the main themes of Homer’s The Iliad. All three themes follow Achilles and the other main characters of the epic poem. We see how Achilles’ friendship with Patroclus and his hunger for honor guides much of the epic, which lead to both his and Hector’s demises., A theme in The Iliad closely related to the glory of war is the predominance of military glory over family. … The characters prize so highly the martial values of honor, noble bravery, and glory that they willingly sacrifice the chance to live a long life with those they love.

Beginning: The Iliad begins with the poet calling on the Muse to sing of the wrath of AchilleusAchilleusWith Lycomedes’ daughter Deidamia, whom in the account of Statius he raped, Achilles there fathered two sons, Neoptolemus (also called Pyrrhus, after his father’s possible alias) and Oneiros.

Year: The text is Homer’s “Iliad,” and Homer — if there was such a person — probably wrote it in 762 B.C., give or take 50 years, the researchers found. The “Iliad” tells the story of the Trojan War — if there was such a war — with Greeks battling Trojans.

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What is the true subject of the Iliad?
Iliad, an epic poem that spans 24 books and is traditionally attributed by Homer to the ancient Greek poet. It takes the Trojan War for its subject, although Achilles, the Greek warlord, is its primary focus. Frontispiece to Homer's The Iliad. Translation by John Ogilby 1660. Engraving by Wenceslas Holar.
What is the main theme of the Iliad?
Homer's The Iliad revolves around love and friendship as well as fate and freewill. Honor is one of the main themes. These themes all follow Achilles as well as the other main characters from the epic poem.
What is the main plot of the Iliad?
Homer, the Greek poet, composed the epic poem Iliad. It tells of the Trojan War's final year between Troy and its Greek allies. Achilles: Achilles is the protagonist and greatest warrior of all time. ... The Trojans take her and she is the cause of the Trojan War.
What does the Iliad teach us?
The Iliad - the tale of the Trojan War - offers many moral lessons to its readers.

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