Three Day Road: Character Development Character Analysis

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The novel Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden is about two main characters, Xavier Bird and Elijah Weesageechack, who have different personalities due to their upbringing. Xavier is reserved and visceral while Elijah is self-assured and talkative. The three key differences between them are their respect for their culture, their respect and love for human life, and their attitudes towards killing. Xavier respects his culture and the sanctity of human life, while Elijah lacks respect for both. Elijah takes pleasure in killing, while Xavier only kills to survive. These differences highlight the contrasting personalities of the two characters and the themes of the novel.

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In the novel “Three Day Road” by Joseph Boyden, the primary characters Xavier Bird and Elijah Weesageechack exhibit numerous contrasting qualities. Xavier, being reserved and instinctual, has a vastly different demeanor from Elijah, who is confident and talkative. Another notable distinction lies in their upbringing; Xavier was raised by his Aunt Niska for a significant part of his childhood, whereas Elijah spent his early years at a residential school in Moose Factory under the care of nuns. These factors heavily influence their personalities and decision-making processes. There are three key differences between them that hold great significance in the narrative and the novel’s themes: their reverence for Oji-Cree culture, their appreciation for human life, and their…show more content…

The text illustrates a stark contrast between Xavier and Elijah, emphasizing their disparate attitudes towards violence and killing. While Xavier recoils at the mere suggestion of consuming German citizens, Elijah not only finds it amusing but also fails to comprehend Xavier’s grave reaction. This lack of respect for the lives of those he eliminates displays a savage brutality unique to Elijah, something absent in Xavier Bird. An additional instance underscoring their differing personalities emerges in Elijah’s insatiable thirst for taking lives. During their prolonged hunts, Elijah broods upon the disturbing growth within him, confiding in me during nights spent amidst the damp and filth of warfare. The sinister mist envelops us as we peer into the depths of craters. Ultimately, his newfound understanding is painfully straightforward: Elijah derives pleasure from killing. This quote serves as a powerful testimony to Elijah’s inhumanity, not only evident in his actions but also his inner contemplations. It reveals that his homicidal tendencies extend far beyond mere survival instincts, signaling a descent into madness. This sharp contrast elucidates Xavier’s underlying motivations – he kills solely to ensure his own survival throughout the war.

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