Character Development Rev Hale In “The Crucible”

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Hale arrives in Salem he acts as a confident, naif expert on enchantresss, and unknowinglyencourages the misss to lie by seting words into their oral cavities. Near the terminal when the truthhas been exposed, Hale with so much blood on his caput supplications: I come to make the Devil swork. I come to advocate Christians they should contradict themselves. There is blood on myhead! Can you non see the blood on my caput! ( Miller,131 ) .

For Reverend Hale the witchhunt in Salem is the scene of a moral journey as he finally makes a complete bend inthoughts as he is forced to see certain realities.At the start of Reverend Hale s metabolism he is certain of himself and of his belief, inwitches, that he even unwittingly eases their prevarication. When Hale arrives with half a dozenbooks at Parris house he is described as, Coming into Salem now, Reverend Haleconceives himself every bit much as a immature physician on his first call. His distressingly acquiredarmory of symptoms, mottos, and diagnostic processs are now to be put to utilize atlast ( 36 ) . Hale wholly believes in his work, and he thinks that he is traveling to be doingsome legitimate work.

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At this point when he meets Parris and the misss who have been bewitched he encourages them to speak about their being bewitched, and puts some wordsinto their oral cavities, but he merely does this because he truly believes in enchantresss, and believesthe misss narratives. This back fires nevertheless, and helps the misss with their prevarications. Soon after the tests begin Hale Begins to hold uncertainties in the misss. After a few yearss ofcourt Hale visits several families without the tribunals authorization, and when he arrives atProctor s house he is said to be: different now-drawn a small, and there is a quality ofdifference even of guilt about his mode now ( 62 ) . Hale has seen respectable peoplebeing charged, and this has flickered a uncertainty in his head.

At the terminal of the negotiations Proctorstates: And why non, if they must hang for denying it? There are them that will curse toanything before they ll bent ; have you ne’er thought of that? ( 69 ) . Hale knows thatpeople will squeal to anything to avoid being hanged, and he is profoundly troubled when helearns of Abigail s motives for retaliation. Respected people have told Hale that the tests arenon-sense. He has tried to happen holes in these people s concluding, so he can be reassured hehasn T made a large error in his aiding of the strong belief of these people, but theirreasoning is wholly logical. Hale becomes more cognizant of the truth near the terminal of ActII, when Giles Corey and Francis Nurse study that their married womans have been taken away.Reverend Hale is surprised, but disturbed by the intelligence because he thought of Rebecca assurely being guiltless when he met her. He says that, if Rebecca Nurse be tainted, thennothing s left to halt the whole greenworld from firing ( 71 ) . Hale so tries to explainher apprehension by stating ( in great hurting ) : Man retrieve, until an hr bef ore the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven ( 71 ) .

At this point Hale hopes the tests arelegitimate, and attempts to account for unusual occurrences, but things merely do non add up. Thenail is put in the casket in footings of Hale recognizing the truth when Mary Warren appears atthe tribunal to attest against Abigail and the other misss who are doing up narratives. AfterMary s testimony, and Proctor s eventual confession of lechery, Hale, who has watchedthe proceedings with increasing defeat, eventually must listen to his scruples, and hequits the tribunal. Here is the transition where Hale eventually comes to his senses and quits thecourt, after monitor has been charged with witchcraft. Danforth: Marshal! take him andCorey with him to the gaol! Hale, get downing across to the door: I denounce theseproceedings! Proctor: You are drawing Heaven down and raising up a prostitute! Hale: Idenounce these proceedings, I quit this tribunal! He slams the door to the outside behindhim. Danforth, naming to him in a rage: Mr. Hale! Mr. Hale! ( 119-120 ) At this point thetruth is apparent.

Hale can non deny his old mistakes of judgement any longer. The reader isaware of Hale s 180 degree bend of thoughts at the terminal of the drama when Hale, is pleading withthe captives, who will be hung, to squeal because he has so much blood on his caput. Infact because of Proctor initial fastidious actions, the whole tests have resulted. I agreewith Gerald Weales on this point. He states: There is such a character in the play-theReverend John Hale, the enchantress expert, who breaks under the strain of the trials-and onecan do a good instance for Hale as the supporter of The Crucible ( Weales,343 ) .

Halemay have acted as the supporter, but his moral journey is non merely interesting, but it alsoemphasizes the fact that no witchcraft is involved in this town. As he breaks under the strainof the tests, as Mr. Gerald Weales stated, Hale s character alterations every clip he seesanother world. These worlds include the fact that well-thought-of people are being put away, or the fact that Abigail may be utilizing the tribunal for retaliation, or the fact that anyone wouldadmit to witchery instead than being hung. Every clip Hale sees one of these worlds hisoriginal surety lessens until he must see the fact that the whole thing may be a fraud, and eventually when he realizes the truth it is excessively late to make anything about it.

Hale s characteris still good. He is non similar Danforth or Hawthorne who see the truth but do non desire tobe juste to salvage their reputes. Hale isn T afraid of acknowledging that the deceases will be hisfault. He knows he made a error and attempts to unbend things out because he feelsguilty. Hale s moral journey besides helps set in context the fact that the Judgess opinionswere unchangeable even with a enchantress expert to reason them, and besides helps stress thefact that it was so apparent that these people were guiltless that even Hale who was so sureof himself, had a complete alteration of thoughts.

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