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Character Personality Analysis Sample



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    Leigh Anne Touhy is the fictional representation of the existent life Leigh Anne. famed adoptive female parent of Michael Oher from the 2009 movie The Blind Side. Leigh Anne is a white interior interior decorator. life in the South with her hubby and two kids. The household is considered to be portion of the upper category. and made their money from having a twine of fast nutrient ironss. Leigh Anne and her household take in a black homeless male child. Michael. and throughout the movie experience a turning love and bond. They finally adopt Michael and the Leigh Anne becomes a ferociously protective female parent. Very small is revealed about her upbringing or background. The lone pre-film clip period information that is genuinely shared is her attending at Ole’ Miss and her calling as a cheerleader.

    A Sullivan ViewLeigh Anne is a profoundly devoted. lovingness and difficult working female parent. married woman and member of her southern community. Equally unfastened as her bosom is. her emotional openness is missing. When looking at her inability or involuntariness to demo emotion. even to her household. Sullivan’s interpersonal theory would see this as a self-security step ( Sullivan. 1953 ) . Leigh Anne strives to ever demo her “good self” . and while there may be an implicit in deficiency of ego regard. there is a greater desire to protect herself and her loved 1s from the bad in the universe. including overpowering feelings of emotion. The anxiousness induced by strong feelings of any grade. forces a wall up.

    Allport’s Traits in ActionGordon Allport. considered to be a trait psychologist. categorized a person’s single traits into three subdivisions. Cardinal. Central. and Secondary ( Allport: Psychology of the Individual. 2002 ) . In taking an Allport appraisal of Leigh Anne’s traits. one can see what the opinion facets are and what is more reserved. Cardinal traits fro Leigh Anne seems to be honesty. nurturance. and trueness. A Christian. southern adult female. Leigh Anne is honest ( all most to a flooring grade ) and prides herself on it. Her nurturance is copiously evident in non merely to care she takes of her household. but besides those in her tight nit universe. Leigh Anne’s trueness is unwavering. and throughout the films clip line we observe her put herself literally in forepart of a gun to stand by her people. Cardinal traits that Leigh Anne. and harmonizing to Allport all persons posses to a grade. would be unity. empathy. and likability. For many grounds she expresses unity and empathy in about every minute of the film. and good. how can you non like her. Leigh Anne’s secondary traits are likely the most interesting of all. These are the traits that one merely sees when she is faced with a state of affairs that causes either great hurt or a big sum of emotion. Her bravery. defensiveness. timidness and aggression. all escape the careful lock box of emotion at different times. When her household or herself is threatened she is found to contend for them. but when overwhelmed with emotion. she becomes closed off and withdrawn.

    Five Factor AnalysissThe five-factor theoretical account of personality is a hierarchal organisation of personality traits in footings of five basic dimensions: Extraversion. Agreeableness. Conscientiousness. Neuroticism. and Openness to Experience ( McCrae. 1991 ) . Based on her character in the movie. Leigh Anne’s Five Factor consequences would reflect so: Factor I extraversion. this trait reflects penchant for. and behaviour in. societal state of affairss. Peoples high in extroversion are energetic and seek out the company of others. ( 40 ) Is comparatively high. Factor II amenity. this trait reflects how we tend to interact with others. Peoples high in agreeableness tend to be swearing. friendly and concerted. ( 27 ) Is about norm. Factor III conscientiousness. this trait reflects how organized and relentless we are in prosecuting our ends. High scorers are methodical. good organized and duteous. ( 45 ) Is comparatively high. Factor IV neurosis. this trait reflects the inclination to see negative ideas and feelings. High scorers are prone to insecurity and emotional hurt. Low scorers tend to be more relaxed. less emotional and less prone to hurt. ( 14 ) Is comparatively low. Factor V openness. this trait reflects ‘open-mindedness’ and involvement in civilization. Low scorers are more earthy. less interested in art and more practical in nature. ( 16 ) Is comparatively low.

    Explanation of PersonalityThe film falls short on any existent background information about Leigh Anne Touhy. There is small to no treatment of life outside of the clip period represented in the movie. Trying to explicate where and why the personality development happened would be merely a conjecture. and have no existent footing. What can be said is that the high degree of extroversion and conscientiousness could be linked to the civilization in which she lives. It is a immense stereotype. but most southern adult females are viewed as loud. life of the party health professionals. and this generalisation does look to aline with Leigh Anne’s overall character. This speaks to the influence of environment and civilization on personality development in this instance. but once more. without any existent cognition of her upbringing or background. this is strictly an premise.

    DecisionWith small known about the background of the character. it is impossible to definitively asses’ personality and its development. However. what is known about Leigh Anne Touhy shows a womb-to-tomb consistence of personality. Whether sing from a cognitive. trait. or five-factor position. the facets of her personality show an implicit in issue with strong emotion and a high influence from cultural and environmental factors. In the terminal Leigh Anne Touhy is an surpassing. lovingness. and loyal adult female. who genuinely embodies what every southern lady. strives to be.


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