Child Abuse Prevention

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Goal Statement

I am trusting to carry the audience to take an active function in promoting the State Government to mandate parenting categories in high schools. In carrying my audience I will promote my audience to take action by composing to their province congresswomans. I believe that these rearing categories will promote self-awareness while learning parents the functions of a household member, how to pull off household fundss, how the household may organize work and household life and learn the nature of struggle and its declaration. Equally good as provide accomplishments for the nurturing of kids and the duties for parentage.

Statement of the Problem/Need

Child maltreatment is a known and turning job in the United States and particularly in Ohio. In concurrence with the intensifying calamity of kid maltreatment, Ohio was ranked one of the top five prima provinces describing kid maltreatment in 1995-1996 ( Chadwick & A ; Heaton, 1999 ) . Current kid protection attempts must be improved so that no farther injury is done to kids who have already been abused or neglected. If the parent fails to supply the necessities of life to kids under the age of 16 the kid may be removed from the place and set into surrogate attention. The best solution to child maltreatment and related state of affairss is bar through instruction. The province of Ohio needs plans to provide instruction to high school pupils on how to supply equal attention and be responsible parents.

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Professionals and Con Claims: Need/Problem

Is child maltreatment is a really serious issue? Retrospective surveies have demonstrated that a important per centum of grownups who abuse kids were abused themselves as a kid ( e.g. , Cappell & A ; Heiner, 1990 ; Gelles, 1973 ; Hunter et al. , 1978 ; cited by Bernett, Miller-Perrin & A ; Perrin, 1997, p.60 ) .


  1. It has be proven that unabused kids are healthier and less likely to go physically, behaviorally, and/or emotionally impaired ( Fantuzzo, 1990 ; Kolko, 1992 ; cited by Barnett, Miller-Perrin & A ; Perrin, 1997, p.52 )
  2. By battling child abuse we can promote the passing of this through the coevalss.


  1. Although in many kid maltreatment instances parents sometimes pass there violent actions on to there kids, other instances the maltreater was ne’er abused by their parents.
  2. What some people see as maltreatment others view as subject. For illustration certain people feel that paddling there kids is a signifier of maltreatment while others feel it is an effectual signifier of subject.

Statement of the Solutions

I am suggesting, as a manner to combat and prevent kid maltreatment in Ohio, every one take an active function. First, people can compose letters to local congresswomans in an attempt to promote compulsory parenting categories in high schools. I will inform my audience of a rearing category in my hometown its course of study, and the positive result of this category within a group of high school seniors. Most people finished the categories cognizing more than when they started.

Pro and Con Claims: Solutions

If parenting categories are mandated for Ohio public schools, will they do a difference?


  1. With rearing categories parents will be taught to supply adequately for their kids. Education can be bars every bit good as work out some kid maltreatment issues that face American households today.
  2. Family Living/parenting, gives pupils self-awareness, teaches them the function of a household member, how to pull off household fundss, the nature and declaration of struggle, and the accomplishments for the nurturing of kids every bit good as the duties for parentage. Harmonizing to the counsel counsellor at Hopewell Loudon high school in Bascom Ohio, 75 % of the pupils polled from the 1999 graduating senior category of 88 pupils said that they learned at least one new thing about rearing that they did non cognize before.


  1.  Government mandated plans will be taxpayers a batch of money Not everyone is willing or is able to pay excess revenue enhancement money.
  2. Merely because parents have been introduced to rearing categories or have peer influence does non intend that they will be good parents. Reason being, a important sum of grownups who abuse kids have been abused themselves as kids ( e.g. , Cappell & Heiner, 1990 ; Gelles, 1973 ; Hunter et al. , 1978 ; cited by Barnett, Miller-Perrin, Perrin, 1997, p.52 ) .

Beliefs and attitudes about the problem/need

The audience is likely non cognizant of what can be done as a preventative step to child maltreatment. Before get downing to make research, I did non truly cognize what could be done to forestall child maltreatment or how kids that were abused were dealt with. Most people do non recognize the magnitude of how much kid maltreatment truly does happen. By doing people cognizant of the Pr

oblem they will be more unfastened to the solution I am suggesting. I think that people in general will be against child maltreatment. Because most people are against child maltreatment and are inherently good, I think that they will be willing to make anything within ground to forestall possible kid maltreatment.

Beliefs and attitudes about the solution

I believe most if non all of my audience will accept the solution of province mandated parenting categories in high schools to forestall kid maltreatment. I think that some of the audience may already be cognizant of rearing categories. Some of the high schools that the audience attended likely had plans similar to rearing categories.

Identifying possible barriers

An obvious barrier will be the fact that it takes clip to compose a missive and really get off it. Most people will likely bury about it or merely will non take the clip or attempt. To most people in college, believing about when their childs will be in high school is so far off that they are non concerned with what childs are larning in school. Some people may believe that because they did non take a similar category in high school or they feel and know that they are non traveling to crush their kids, why should the categories be mandated.


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