Choosing a Career between Business Management and Business Marketing

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Everyone has trouble choosing a career, especially when you’re stuck between two very similar options. When choosing a career, it is important to think twice. In my case, I am undecided between business management and business marketing. Business management is owning a business and managing all aspects of that company you own. Business marketing, however, is selling products or services to other companies that resell them, use them in their products or services or use them to support their works. If I choose business management, I would have to be on the look out of all the employees on duty, all the workers, and the business in general. It requires a lot of patience and a natural talent of giving orders. If I decide to go for business marketing, I would have to be good at persuading, socializing, selling, franchising, buying and interacting with several people daily. Marketing will go about educating the public to buy products. Advertising is a key role in this career. I would learn about sales, advertising, public relations, consumer behavior and media as mentioned “Marketing is about relationships—among buyers and sellers, consumers and products, researchers and subjects, agencies and companies, consultants and clients” (Wetfeet). This is beyond true. Communication and product selling are both the center of attention for marketing at the day.

When seeing what these two careers have in common, it is a lot more than what I thought. Both fields recommend a bachelor’s degree. Marketing and management go hand in hand. Business management includes business transactions and closing deals. Business marketing is similar because it includes promoting companies and products they sell. It is important for me to understand the different training paths between business management and business marketing. Each can lead me to a different outcome for my career and my future. Understanding what’s involved for each degree program can help me make the best choice for my career goal.

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Another similarity is dress attire. For both marketing and managing, looking and feeling approachable will attract more customers, employees, profit, products, and an improved business overall. “An interview is the most effective way to identify lessons from a single person…One sales company regularly conducts interviews with their top sales managers to identify their secrets of success, which are then compiled into a knowledge asset” (Young 57). The first impression you give to a company is what counts the most, whether you’re in marketing or managing. “Use social network to link to your blog and update your networks on recent projects: Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks provide a ready-made avenue to build an audience for your blog and to announce recent developments that may be of interest” (Randazzo 81).

In conclusion, I have to consider my qualities, my personality, and what I like doing the most. I will choose business marketing because I love socializing, selling, persuading and representing. Using resources like facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks will help me promote the product I would work for in a company. Everyone uses social media after all and business marketing is just the suit for me.

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