Choosing Between Vanity and Honesty

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Many people find themselves having to choose between vanity and honesty. Everyday people make life changing decisions out of vanity or out of honesty. I believe people are motivated by vanity because of pressure from society and the need to fit into society. However, some individuals like Oscar Wilde are, in my opinion, motivated by true honesty. On the other hand, the majority of society is motivated by vanity. With this in mind, vane people usually make decisions because of pressure from society.

For example, teenagers in today’s society feel like they have a standard to live up to from the clothes you wear to the car you drive. People are so judgmental and hard on everyone around them no matter where that person comes from. Therefore, people change what they do and how they act to fit in or to prove something to the people around them. Furthermore, societies put pressure on people to look a certain way or act a certain way to fit into society. Adults have a different kind of pressure put on them then teenagers do.

They are not pressured as much by what they look like or what car they drive but more by what their children wear, say, and do. This affects adults more than their own personal actions. Some adults are more motivated by honesty to try to be a good role model. In conclusion I believe many people are motivated by vanity. Society has the most impact on people’s actions and their decisions. Event hough a majority are motivated by vanity some people can be motivated by honesty. Those people arethe people that succeed and have great worry-free lives.

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