Christianity is a religion based on the life, death and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, also known as Jesus Christ as presented in the canonical gospels and other New Testament writings. Starting in the mid first century, Christianity is the most popular religion in the world accounting for a third of the world’s population with over two billion followers; the majority of which are living in America and Europe. The main contributing factor as to being a living and dynamic religion is the energy, ambition, new ideas and practical achievements Christianity has to provide.

It constantly needs to adapt its believers and beliefs, sacred texts and writings, ethics, rituals and ceremonies to the modern day. When all these characteristics are interacting creatively, they nurture a dynamic, living religion with remains relevant in the social and cultural landscape. “Religion provides answers to the search for meaning in life. ” P. W. Kingsman – is a quote which goes hand in hand with Christianity. The basis of Christianity is answering the questions to; “How did we get here? ”, “Why are we here? , “What happens when we die? ” All these tie into the meaning of life and Christianity does a great job at giving their answers. In modern day religions such as Christianity, the believers and beliefs are what keep the faith intact. Without any beliefs or people to follow those beliefs Christianity would simply not cease to exist. Believers turn to many sources to find out about their beliefs. The Apostle’s Creed is the most used Creed among Christian denominations for both liturgical and catechetical purposes .

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The creed contains four key points about its beliefs, most answering the meaning of life: •Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Holy Spirit •The death, descent into hell, resurrection, and ascension of Christ •The holiness of the church and the communion of saints •Christ’s second coming, the Day of Judgement and salvation of the faithful. For Christianity to remain living and dynamic, some beliefs needed to be changed to agree with the social norm. For hundreds of years, the Christian Church’s teaching about seizure disorder was that it was demon possession, in accordance with what was written in the bible.

People were excommunicated, even tortured and locked in asylums because of the disorder that was contrary to the churches standard of teaching. Another example is Christianity’s believer’s previous beliefs about left handedness as being a sign of evil. People were tortured, shunned and even exiled because of their preference as it was against Christian belief. Even as recent as fifty years ago, students were physically assaulted in Christian Schools when using their left hand to write.

Now as a result of scientific evidence that there is nothing wrong with left handedness Christianity has retained being living and dynamic by changing its views on the matter. Sacred Texts play a key role in any religion; they are the evidence to justify their existence. The first Section of The Bible, a sacred text that all believers and followers of Christ would have seen or read, is dedicated to how we got here on earth, even going as far as explaining how earth and every living thing around us came to be.

Genesis where this can all be see is tells of how the Earth “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth” was created as well as all those who inhabit it; “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. ”” Christians believed that the earth was in fact flat, and would prosecute those who opposed their views. Galileo Galilei was a scientist who had evidence that the world but was shunned by the Christian church.

Not until many years after his death that his theory was widely accepted among society that Christian adherents changed their views. Ethics provide guidance and advice on how to live. For most of history, Christians ignored animal suffering. Christian thinkers believed that human beings were greatly superior to animals. They taught that human beings could treat animals as badly as they wanted because people had few, if any moral obligations towards animals because they believed that animals were created by God merely to sustain the needs of humans.

Through the social promotion of animal rights it has led to Christian believers to change their views on the issue so that Christianity remains relevant on the social and cultural landscape. They have taken on the belief that in God’s ideal world human beings live in harmony with animals as in the Garden of Eden, human beings lived in peace and harmony with animals, which is the state of affairs that human beings should work towards. Rituals and ceremonies create links and memories to past events and significant figures in Christianity. These tangible and repeatable experiences promote communal interaction and a sense of belonging.

Christian rituals such have baptism and the mass have been altered to better suit modern society. Previously people who were initiated into the Christian faith were baptised in a river, now to adapt to modern times it is now performed in a Church above a bowl where holy water is poured over the person’s head. Many people are unable to attend Mass due to old age or location, to combat this Christianity has remained living and dynamic with its rituals by now allowing those adherents to view the Mass on the television or even on the internet.

Christianity is one of the most popular religions around the world and has been for a vast amount of time with over two billion adherents. The key to its success is from being both living and dynamic, which is the ability to constantly alter its believers and beliefs, sacred texts and writings, ethics, rituals and ceremonies to modern day society. Christianity provides many answers to the meaning of life; even some have been changed to suit the opinion of society.

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