Cautious of the Product Choose and Cost

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They cannot stand shopping and voids the store when possible but on holidays they has no choice. While the husband’s wives are in the kitchen cooking, the husbands are doing last minute grocery shopping for their wife’s. They do not look at the cost or the brand of a product. The husbands only wants to get the items as fast as they can because they know that if they takes too long their wife’s will call them with another list because she decided to cook a new dessert at last minute.

They are usually out of the store within 10 minute which is why most men are lassie as a grabber. The second type of shopper is the thinker. The thinkers are usually the people who know what the need but they have controversy over which items to choose. They are cautious of the product choose and cost. They may love strolling through the isle, comparing prices to their brands. Most women are thinkers. They love going to the store and seeing what great deals they can find. Women will bargain shop for hours, if a woman can find a good sail you can bet she’ll be there.

The last type of shopper is the dreamer. The dreamer are usually the people who love to shop but cannot afford to buy the products they are interested in. They may enjoy strolling through the isle looking at products they desire Most dreamer. Could shop for hours, I absolutely love going into the department stores and trying on clothes. I always say I that I am going to come back and buy the items but I usually do not. As a college student money is tight and I have to ration my spending.

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