Mass Genocide Disguised As A right To Choose

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What is controversy? Without looking at a dictionary, I, by heart, can honestly define it as having many sides or taking a stance on something with more than one stance without being sympathetic to the other side or not taking the other sides arguments into account. Political correctness for instance is controversial, although not the topic I will be discussing in depth today. Gun rights, for the sake of providing examples, is an example. These topics, in my opinion, can be more flexible as there are legitimate arguments to both for and against them. Abortion, however, is not the same case. At least, not for me. This is exactly why this will be the controversial topic explored in this essay.

Now for me to explain why abortion is objectively wrong, I should probably define what it is first. Abortion is the intentional termination of the unborn fetus during pregnancy or simply killing babies. That should be it right. Notice how I must further argue my case because that is not enough fore the radical left to concede. Killing babies is the reality of what abortion really is. I am repeating myself because again, that is where the argument should end, but I persist, nonetheless.

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Let us start with some historical context. Abortion in the U.S was deemed constitutional by the landmark Supreme Court Case, Roe v. Wade in 1973. This case granted the constitutional right for a woman to be able to choose what they do to their body. It also made it a crime for institutions and people alike to restrict the access of abortions. Ever since, it has been fought, rightly, by the other side to be overturned. Going further into the controversy, the clear sides established are of course people who are pro-choice and people who are pro-life. I am pro-life, and I will explain simply by stating the facts. The reality on how abortions are conducted and how the fetus develops in the womb of the mother.

By week 3, twenty-one days for crying out loud, the baby’s brain, spinal cord, and heart are already developing. Going on to ending the first trimester, the fetus has already developed its facial features, genitalia, and other essential organs of the human anatomy. Now let’s kill this little guy. How? One might ask. One way is by suction aspiration. A tube is entered the womb of the mother and the suction of the tube slowly but surely tears apart the baby while it is alive. Paint the picture. Have you ever had a newborn baby grab onto your thumb with its tiny little fingers? Well, these fingers at this point are developed in the womb and as we speak, are being ripped apart with the power of this suction. Not brutal enough? I got you, as the we, Generation Z would say. If you want to more inhumane, just use a curate and chop that baby down piece by piece and scrape the remains out. A little messy granted, but get’s the job done. Keep in mind, this is not fear mongering, it is straight up facts. Oh, almost forgot my favorite method in which the baby is delivered all, but the head. The doctors use forceps to drag the baby’s out of the birth canal with its legs, stab the baby’s head with a scissors, and then suction the remains of the skull. That method is called partial-birth abortion. Obviously, I am very passionate about the subject and still in awe that I must acknowledge the counter-argument. So here we go.

First off, I would like to say that there is no counter-argument that can legitimize or justify the practice of something so disgusting. The common arguments are if it were rape. My response is that it should be legal in that case. I concede to that and that only, but the reality is that only about 1.5 percent of an approximate 600,000 abortions conducted are as a result of rape or incestuous relations in the U.S.

The women’s right to choose is a stupid argument if it is to, like I say, justify killing a human. It would be as valid as murder being justified for men. Nonsensical. Those are pretty much the biggest arguments set forth.

Look, do not take my word for it. Do some research. Educate yourself or simply just have some common sense. This is wrong. Killing an innocent human is wrong. By week twenty, the fetus feels pain. Just imagine the pain of getting pinched. That warrants a reaction. If that is true, why wouldn’t clipping someone’s, a baby’s fingers off as well. From the bottom of my heart, do what is right. Be an advocate for pro-life. End abortions being so prevalent.

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