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Classification about food

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The first category is best friends. The best friend is someone who is always with you, encourages, and listens to you when you have any kind of problem. Also, she is a trustworthy person in any different situation. The best friend knows everything about you and she will support you. They are responsible, kind, important and nice people. For instance, I have a best friend who lives in Bahrain whom I thank god every day for having her in my life.

We were friends for more than 10 years. She never Rogers about my birthday.

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Classification about food
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It is an important event in your life, unlike fake friends. The second category is the fake friends. Fake friends are people who act as your friends when they require a service from you. We know them as selfish and mean people who always lie and never help you when you need them. When talk to them or tell them something they pretend to listen, but never remember what you tried to tell them.

As well you can never trust them because they enjoy humiliating and laughing at you. They always smile ND tell you nice things as a result.

You believe their tales. I had a friend who communicated with me only for her own benefits. For example, when she hard time with a job and finances, helped her to pay her bills and supported her like a real friend. At the time she seems that she is a good friend until she found a high-paying job. When I was at the same position as her. Instead of having a fake friend rather have acquaintances. The third and the last category is the acquaintances. Acquaintances are people who are outer rings of the friend circle.

This is someone you would stop and talk to if you saw her in the street, at school, but don’t know well enough to call her or invite her over to your house. However, over time, acquaintances become better friends than fake friends. In conclusion, you will have to be careful with friend’s relationships because you can easily mix your best friend with the fake one. I wish every person in the world could find a good and honest friend and able to reciprocate the same.

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