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Classification on “Churchgoers”

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The Church is a building where people gather together to fellowship and hear God’s word. Some come on a Sunday morning while others on a different day of the week. These individuals are those who never forsake the coming together with the assembly of their brothers and sisters. They come to church to hear the Gospel and worship their almighty Creator. All these people have different backgrounds with a variety of motives for coming to church.

There are the three types of churchgoers; they are those who just go to church for the sake of showing to others that they are faithful, moral and upright to God.

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Classification on “Churchgoers”
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They never take heed to God’s word. When the gospel is being preached, they just let those words pass by their ears. They never really worship God at all. They do not keep God’s words in their hearts and never apply God’s words in their daily lives. They are like the seeds being thrown by the farmer.

These seeds fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds of the air ate it up.

Other individuals go to church; they hear the word but not put in their hearts. It was only mind knowledge. It never developed into a deeper faith relationship with God. They are like the seeds who feel on the rock, and when it came up, the plants withered because it has no moisture in it. It never grew and bears fruits.

There are those who go to church because they really love God. They want to serve Him all their lives and they want to listen to God’s voice through His words in the bible. They take heed of the His word, put it in their hearts and ask God to help them apply it in their daily lives.  They are like the seeds which fell on good soil. It came up and yielded crop bears fruits.

God does not base our salvation through our deeds and how generous we are in going to church. It is our hearts that matters. God does not look in the outside appearance but what He looks for is our hearts. A heart that is pure and faithful in serving Him, obeying His commandments. God is not mock, so we should never play games with God. He died for us and through Him we are redeemed in the darkness and now have new lives in the light. He loves us so much that He deserves to be glorified. And one way of glorifying God is by going to church. Going to church means, we submit to His will. But we should be very careful with our motives in going to church because God will know it. He is an all knowing God that He knows all our thoughts and desires. When we serve God, we should serve Him seriously and whole heartedly.

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