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Cloning Beneficial to Humanity

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Have you ever imagined what life would be like if we could eliminate

human problems? This is the question that arises when the issue of cloning is

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Cloning Beneficial to Humanity
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brought up. Cloning is the process where by organisms, cells, or

microorganisms are copied to produce an almost identical genotype. Cloning

is beneficial to humanity. It can help solve organ limitations, cure diseases,

and take a giant step forward toward immortality.

One of the strongest reasons to support that cloning is beneficial to

humanity is that there would be a solution to organ limitation.

One of the

greatest problems in medicine today is that many people need organs for

various reasons, which are not available. This creates a lot of unnecessary

deaths, and problems for patients. There are not enough organs to supply the

need in demand. Currently in America, 2300 of the 40,000 Americans who

needed a new heart in 1997 got one. That means that approximately 94% did

not receive one. This is just the heart we are talking about.

Imagine the

staggering number of organs that are needed in the world. For example, in the

States, there are 36,00 patients waiting for an organ transplant. Also, about

one third of these patients waiting will die because of the lack of available

organs. There are a great number of failures with organ donation. The

failures can cause serious illness, and possible death. Therefore, cloning

human organs is very beneficial to humanity. If we cloned human organs we

would be eliminating a major killer to the human race and providing patients

worldwide with a healthy cloned organ. If the organ was rejected, we simply

make another one to suit the patient. This could be continued until there is

match. There would be no waiting lists, less complications, and almost no

deaths. Cloning would help us benefit by solving organ donation problems.

another great reason to clone humans is that it would cure diseases.

Secondly, another persuasive reason that cloning is beneficial to

humanity is that it would cure diseases. One of the most important facts in

disease is that we do not have the technology to find a cure to the problem. An

example would be some defective genes embedded within humans, these genes

allow people to become sick when they would otherwise remain healthy.

However , if we are able to clone human, we can understand more about these

defective genes and replace them. Cancer is one of the major diseases that is

killing people around the world. Many drugs were made to try to prevent this

deadly disease, but we are unable to find out how cells differentiate into

specific kind of tissue, nor to they understand why cancerous cells lose their

differentiation. Through cloning we may be able to produce an effective gene

therapy to cure this disease. Addition to this fact, the Taysachs Disease is one

of the genetic diseases caused by the missing of an enzyme called

hexoseaminidase A. Through cloning, we would be able to create this enzyme

Finally, the most important reason that cloning is beneficial to humanity

is that it would enable us take a giant step towards our immortality. Wouldn’t

it be great if you did not have to worry about setting old or dying? Well with

human cloning this is all possible. Dr. Richard Seed, one of the leading

proponents of human cloning technology, suggests that it is possible to reverse

the aging process because of what we learn from cloning. Cloning would help

reverse aging by teaching us how to set our age back to 20. This is possible

because each time a cell is cloned it is treated as a new cell with the age zero.

Therefore, cloning would enable human beings to copy their cells and have the

new ones with the age zero implanted into them when they are older. This

would make them feel as if they were 20, but they really are 65. This would

allow humans to live to an age that they want, and when they are ready they

can choose to die, with some exceptions that are unavoidable death. Human

cloning would allow us to essentially live forever.

Human cloning is beneficial to our existence. It can help solve organ

limitations, cure diseases, and take a step toward living forever. Overall the

whole issue of cloning is a great idea that has many positive side effects.

lemmonick, michael d.

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