Coca-Cola’s Global Challenges

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Coca-Cola’s Global Challenges

C:UsersCameronDownloadsimageCoca-Cola is arguably the most planetary company in the universe, runing in more than 200 states with over 130,000 employees with merely 53 % of gross revenues in North America. Coke is a mature concern in a mature industry with gross revenues flattening out in 2011 to a steady $ 46B projected all the manner through to the terminal of 2014.

Coke faces about every challenge that a planetary company can confront. From resource scarceness to divergent wellness issues, Coke must pull off the local demands of each community it operates in while presenting value on a planetary graduated table.

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A well-designed societal web has strengths that could turn to at least one challenge. That is, the challenge of increasing employee wellness and health at minimum cost.

Coca-cola’s ability to turn and bring forth value depends on the ability to keep costs and increase the profitableness of their operations. With so many employees, the health, wellness, and felicity of each is a major subscriber in accomplishing the ambitious end of uninterrupted betterment twelvemonth over twelvemonth.

With such limited gross revenues growing and highly tight borders, Coca-Cola must prosecute employees on a high degree at a really low cost. Companies such as Google, GE, and the Mayo Clinic achieve high battle and health for their employees by offering centralised plans such as in-office gyms, nutrient, and kid attention. But, it would be impossible for Coca-Cola to supply such attention to its highly distributed employee base crossing the developed and developing universe.

Coca-Cola’s and Happiness

Coca-Cola aligns themselves with an image of happiness both externally in their trade name and internally in their employee battle program. Initiatives around the universe to near felicity in a planetary context have pushed the boundaries of outlooks from advertisement. Such enterprises include the “Small World Machines” run where advanced engineering was used to advance planetary friendly relationship at Coca-Cola peddling machines.

Coca-Cola besides describes the function of employee battle on their company web site.

We strive to make unfastened work environments every bit diverse as the markets we serve, where people are inspired to make superior consequences. We besides aim to make environments where people are to the full engaged and where the Company is viewed both internally and externally as an employer of choice.”– hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Happiness Network

The thought presented here is the purposeful creative activity of a societal web dedicated to increasing the felicity of Coca-Cola’s employees. Each employee is assigned to Happiness Teams, which will be responsible for the health program of other employees, and in bend will hold their ain Happiness Team assigned to them.

Measuring the Untreated

Normally, wellness programs are a one-to-one relationship between the company and the employee. But, the consequence of an intercession is better measured by understanding the response to intervention by the untreated. That is, the consequence of a health program is better understood by mensurating the consequence that the program has on person other than the receiver. This is why employees will be made responsible for each other and will be evaluated on how good they help each other alternatively of how good they perform themselves.

The Amplifying Effect

To day of the month, health has been treated as a extremely personal issue for the person. Benefits, plans, and wagess are all tailored to single demands and wants, and while there have been successes, this attack mostly ignores the benefits of the societal web within which each person is embedded.

By doing each employee responsible for the Happiness of other employees, there is an chance to magnify the consequence of positive health behavior with minimal investing. Social webs can tackle a powerful consequence that can bring forth effectivity without any external cost: they magnify whatever they are seeded with. If a societal web is seeded with cooperation, it will amplify that cooperation across the web, and more relevantly, a strong societal web that is seeded with behaviors that promote health, will amplify such behaviors.

We hope that by utilizing a societal web to amplify positive behaviors, the entire costs of bettering employee felicity will be a fraction of individualistic methods presently used by companies. There are many behaviors that employees can take which cost small or nil, from passing more clip reading, acquiring more sleep, exerting or passing more clip with household. A health program which encourages employees to prosecute in positive behavior, instead than take part in expensive health benefit plans, could accomplish higher results with really, really small costs.

Social Learning

Social webs provide an chance for societal acquisition, whereby larning from another person’s journey is less expensive than everyone holding to larn by experience. By making squads that include employees from the same civilization and remote civilizations, the benefit of diverse positions is balanced with support from people who understand the local context. Information sharing and larning becomes easy and really inexpensive.

The Power of Data

In add-on to bettering felicity at a low cost, a societal web will supply of import informations for understanding what works and what doesn’t. Feedback from the web will assist understand what is working in the context and civilization of each employee. This information can be used to assist apportion bing wellness budgets

Global Health Challenges

The planetary tendencies in wellness are non the same in OECD states as they are in developing states. The income degree and civilization of each part presents different challenges, for illustration in OECD, wellness menaces are more baleful to the person and in developing states they are more related to contagious disease. However, no affair where employees are in the universe, they can all profit from a personal health program.

Network Fluidity

Fluidity is an of import step for a societal web for maximising cooperation and positive behavior extension. Fluidity is the grade to which relationships change in the web. Excessively much fluidness prevents trust-building and excessively small fluidness causes “bad apples” to propagate negative behavior.

The squads will be distributed across the universe, giving the chance to work with people from every country of the organisation, both functionally and geographically. In order to equilibrate the liquidness of the web, employees will hold different functions on each of their squads. On one squad they might be working closely with their client for a whole twelvemonth, and on other squads they may be assisting with portion clip support, and on others they will be lone advisers for a month at a clip.

By altering the geographicss and continuances that employees work with each other, the web can larn the best manner to set a squad together to acquire positive consequences. How long a squad leader should work with a client and how frequently the advisers should be rotated, will go critical variables in making a robust system that amplifies the behavior that promote employee battle and health.

Suggested Execution

The Human Network will delegate each employee, irrespective of geographics or wage class, a squad of five employees from around the universe to actively pull off their wellness plan. The employee will be treated as a client and the squad will be responsible for the success of their client. This means each employee will be a client for one squad, and serve on five other squads.


Client #

Time Commitment

Per Week

Team Leader


30 min



10 min



10 min



5 min



5 min

Entire Time Per Week

60 min

The thought would non be to overpower employees with a batch of excess work, but to give them some clip to link with other members of the Coca-Cola planetary community in a meaningful manner.

Happiness programs will be made of a “menu” of points, pre-screened by professionals at Coca-Cola. Employees can do petitions for points which are non on the bill of fare, and the company can larn in this manner.

Execution Challenges as Strengths

There will be troubles in implementing an ambitious and advanced enterprise such as this and the success of the web will be dependent on the ability to utilize the power of societal webs to alter the challenges into strengths.

For illustration, every employee will hold a different set of personal aims, different sentiments about wellness and health, and assorted capacities for following through. The diverseness of the web must go its strength, where acquisition and encouragement comes above who is “right” or “wrong” about how to be happy.

Measuring success may be debatable as employees are accountable for another person’s wellbeing. Understanding the difference between an uncooperative client and an uncooperative manager may be hard, but the information from the web should be able to place who the title-holders of the procedure are and who may necessitate extra encouragement or inducements.

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