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Is Coca Cola Company A Multinational Enterprise

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A transnational endeavor ( MNE ) or transnational corporation ( MNC ) is a company that has central offices in one state but has operations in other states. Dunning ( 1993 cited in Wall, S. Minocha, S. & A ; Rees, B., 2010 ), defines a transnational as a house that engages in foreign direct investing ( FDI ) and owns or controls value-adding activities in more than one state. Table 1 below shows the top 10 multinationals harmonizing to the value of foreign assets they control.

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Is Coca Cola Company A Multinational Enterprise
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Table 1: World ‘s top 10 multinationals ranked by foreign assets

Foreign assets




General Electric


Electrical and Electrical Equipment

British Petroleum

United kingdom


Toyota Motor


Motor Vehicle

Royal Dutch/Shell

United kingdom


Exxon/Mobil Corporation



Ford Motor Company


Motor Vehicle

Vodafone Group plc

United kingdom





Electricite de France


Electricity, Gas and Water

Wal-Mart Shops



Beginning: Wall, S. Minocha, S. & A ; Rees, B., 2010, p29

1.2 Is Coca-Cola Company A Multinational Enterprise?

The Coca-Cola Company so is an MNE because it operates a central office in Atlanta, Georgia with other local operations in about 200 states around the universe.

Coke succeeded as a transnational because of its apprehension and entreaty to planetary commonalties ( Rugman, A. M. & A ; Collinson, S., 2006 ). The house has implements three rules that are assigned to do it more locally antiphonal, the three rules are:

Table 2: Coca-Cola ‘s three rules



Operates on a local graduated table

The company modifies its operations to run into local demand and institutes a scheme of “ believe local, act local ”.

Country-by-country footing

It focuses itself as a pure selling company and forcing its trade names on a regional footing and local footing instead than a world-wide footing.

Integrates with local environment

Coke is now working to go a theoretical account citizen by making out to local communities and acquiring involved in local activities

Beginning: Rugman, A. M. & A ; Collinson, S., 2006

1.3 Background of The Coca-Cola Company

A carbonated drink called Coca-cola or frequently referred as Coke is the universe ‘s largest drink company and the best-known trade name in the universe.

Coca-Cola Company has operated for 124 old ages since 1886. Coca-Cola was invented by a druggist in Atlanta, John Pemberton and he has become one of the planetary market leaders in the drink industry ( iloveindia.com ). The Coca-Cola Company offers over 400 different trade names in more than 200 states worldwide ( Reference for Business-Company History Index, 2010 ). Coca-Cola serve a broad scope of drinks, including diets and light soft drinks, H2O, juice drinks, teas, javas, athleticss drinks and energy drinks ( The Coca-Cola Company-2004 environmental study ). The operating planetary concern was organized into five geographic Strategic Business Unit of measurements: Africa ; Asia ; Europe, Eurasia and Middle East ; Latin America ; and North America ( The Coca-Cola Company-2004 environmental study ).

Coca-Cola has set a standard mission and vision as a roadmap to steer every facet of the concern in order to go on accomplishing sustainable and choice growing ( The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010 ).

Table 3: Coca-Cola ‘s mission and vision


To review the universe

To animate minutes of optimism and felicity

To make value and do a difference


Peoples: be a great topographic point to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: bring to the universe a portfolio of quality drink trade names that anticipate and satisfy people ‘s desires and demands.

Spouses: raising a winning web of clients and providers to make common and digesting value.

Planet: be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by assisting physique and support sustainable communities.

Net income: maximise long-run return to stockholders while being aware of the company overall duties.

Productiveness: be a extremely effectual, thin and fast-moving organisation.

Beginning: The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010.

The company uses logistics and value concatenation scheme to carry through its mission and vision.

2.0 Logisticss schemes

Harmonizing to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals a professional organisation for logistics and supply concatenation direction ( SCM ) professionals, logistics is defined as:

“ the procedure of planning, implementing and commanding the efficient, effectual flow and storage of goods, services and related information from point of beginning to point of ingestion for the intent of conforming to client demands ”

Supply Chain Asia, 2006

Logisticss plays a important function in acquiring the right sum of the right merchandises to the right topographic point at the right clip and at the lowest possible cost to the client ( Rosenbloom, B., 2004 ). The activities include transit, stuffs managing, stock list direction and repositing.

2.0.1 Transportation system

Transportation system is the chief constituent in logistics. Each manner of transit is different in footings of its velocity, dependability, cost, path flexibleness and the merchandises it can transport expeditiously and efficaciously ( Reference for Business-Encyclopedia of Business, 2010 ). Coca-Cola utilizations trucks as their primary bringing manner for their finished merchandises in every state they operate because it has the greatest path flexibleness, could present faster at a lower cost and can transport a broad scope of merchandises. The company has their ain trucks which provide alone distribution that can non run into by the common carries.

The type of distribution manner employed depends on the complexness of the market. For case, the India market is complex. As such the distribution fleet include different distribution manner is required, from 10-tonne trucks to open-bay three Wheelers that can voyage through narrow back streets of Indian metropoliss, such as trikes and handcarts ( Hindustan Coca-Cola drink private limited, 2007 ). In Uruguay, a little, efficient ZAP trucks for bringing in urban countries because big vehicles are disputing with parking deficit and traffic congestion ( Marketwire, 2010 ).

2.0.2 Warehousing and stuff handling

Coca-Cola warehouses were built near to the retail merchants as a scheme to cut down transit costs. Customers besides can be served rapidly from stock located in a nearby warehouse.

In the past, China warehouses normally designed were large but waste of infinite and low efficient ( Logistics in China: Theory and Practice, n.d. ). Large managing equipment such as forklifts are non popular in China because most directors think manpower as handling and it is cheaper. China deficiency of labour supply hence it will take a long manner for the mechanization of stuff handling. ( Logistics in China: Theory and Practice, n.d. ) Nowadays, modern logistics centre began to construct in China. Warehouses were built with high racks, palette and forklift system ; distribution go much higher in efficiency ( Logistics in China: Theory and Practice, n.d. ).

Due to high palette storage demand and limited on-site infinite in Australia, a 32m tall high bay was designed and a Crane fed automated storage and retrieval system was installed ( Case Study-Coca-Cola Amatil, Australia, n.d. ). The automate docks with an automated conveyor-driven bringing system used to execute all the burden and unloading, thereby extinguishing safety issues associated with manual handling and enhanced stuff handling efficiency ( ICA, n.d. ).

2.0.3 Inventory control

Ideally, houses want to maintain stock list at the lowest possible degree and topographic point orders for goods in big measures. Puting the fewest possible orders enables the house to minimise ordination costs. ( Rosenbloom, B., 2004. ) Companies make certain it has the right sum of stock list to run into client demands and avoid jobs such as out-of-stock.

In China, deficiency of construct about stock list cost causes companies to maintain stock list every bit much as possible to avoid short of supply. Coca-Cola in China attempt to avoid this state of affairs by practising just-in-time ( JIT ) stock list system as practiced by Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company in North America ; it successfully reduced the stock list costs and improved the efficiency of merchandise distribution procedure. ( Logistics in China: Theory and Practice, n.d. )

3.0 Value Chain Schemes

Value Chain is a series of activities whereby a company converts inputs to finished merchandises by adding value at each phase. Coca-Cola used the construct of value concatenation analysis introduced by Michael Porter as a tool to analyse the beginnings of competitory advantage and to place ways to make more client value ( Outsourcing straight, 2006 ).

Diagram 1: The Value Chain Framework

Beginning: Outsourcing direct, 2006

Diagram 2 shows the fabrication procedure in the Coca-Cola Company which consists of providers, the coca-cola system and distribution.

Diagram 2: Coca-Cola ‘s fabrication procedure

Beginning: 2008/2009 sustainability reappraisal.

3.1 Primary Activities

3.1.0 Inbound logistics

Inbound logistics are the beginning of Coca-Cola ‘s value adding inputs. All drinks are made of high-quality ingredient and it adds value to the merchandises through enhanced gustatory sensation and nutritionary value. The bulk of inputs for Coca-Cola merchandises are from local providers because there are certain nutrient ingredients are non let in the state. For illustration, with execution of the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement, ingredient such as caffeine and saccharine is non allowed to transport across the Canada-United States border because of differences in ingredient ordinances. ( Strategic Analysis Of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ).

3.1.1 Operation

Operationss are activities that transform inputs into finished merchandises. An appropriate degree of mechanization is on of the scheme taken to minimise costs in the operations. Coca-Cola in place state sent their expertness to other states so that it meets the minimal criterions. For blink of an eye, in the early 1980s, Coca-Cola was unable to turn up any works in China that produced glass bottles to the criterions required by the company. So Coca-Cola ‘s central office in Atlanta sent a little squad of glass engineers to China to better the quality of the bottles with high proficient degrees. ( Economic Impact of the Coca-Cola system on China, 2000 )

All production workss often meet local regulative demands and undergo regular audits in the countries of quality control, environmental, wellness and safety patterns ( Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, 2004 ). To aline with Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) safety and quality demand, quality control technicians checked and tested the H2O often to do certain the drinks are safe to imbibe. All bottles are washed, rinsed electronically, filled automatically and seal automatically to maintain hygiene in every procedures ( Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, 2004 ).

Sing the environmental protection ordinances, China restricts the volume of boxing stuff to salvage resources and lessening pollutions. Therefore, most of the packaging is returnable and is made from recycled stuffs. At the same clip cut down the costs of packaging.

3.1.2 Outbound Logisticss

Outbound logistics focus on pull offing the flow and distribution of finished merchandises to consumer. The outward logistic section performs an exceeding responsibility in Coca-Cola which includes effectual transportation procedure to supply speedy bringing and minimize amendss, efficient finish goods warehousing procedures, transportation of goods in big palette to minimise transit costs and choice stuff managing equipment to increase order picking ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ).

In China, Coca-Cola handles distribution chiefly through “ direct shop bringing ( DSD ) ” as a scheme to increase stock list bends and to cut down operating disbursals as merchandises are bringing straight to retail shop. Besides that, it frequently reaches consumers through local Chinese distributers, who have greater cognition of wholesaling in China and deep acquaintance with the vicinities ( Economic Impact of the Coca-Cola system on China, 2000 ).

Furthermore, Coca-Cola tends to increase the fuel efficiency of the system ‘s fleet by utilizing electric-powered trucks in Uruguay, powering bringing truck in Mexico and diesel-electric intercrossed truck fleet in North America ( The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010 ).

3.1.3 Selling and gross revenues

Selling is critical in assisting Coca-Cola to find the competitory range of its value adding activities ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ). In the long term, cultivating local gross revenues and selling cognition is a cardinal success for any international concern in foreign state where they operate ( Economic Impact of the Coca-Cola system on China, 2000 ). ‘Think local, act local ‘, is the mantra that coca-cola follows.

Consumer demand and features is altering, thereby invariably re-evaluate is a scheme used to analyze how the distribution system will convey the trade names to where consumers are able to do their purchases. In China, Coca-Cola has given the local troughs to command over the selling and service operation who knows the company bottling system and the regional market so that merchandises could be better tailored to the local gustatory sensations. For blink of an eye, the greatest chances for distribution of consumer goods may be in supermarket. However supermarkets in China are frequently far from consumers and non about of import as they are in developed economic systems. However, ingestion in bars or eating houses are much faster than other channels. ( Economic Impact of the Coca-Cola system on China, 2000 )

Coca-Cola attempted to back up local activities as scheme to win and increase gross revenues. For illustration, Coca-Cola Japan ‘s new merchandise I LOHAS was launch with an advanced run called CRUSH ECO that demonstrates how consumer pick can impact C footmark and increasing desire to assist work out environmental issues ( The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010 ).

3.1.4 Servicess

Customer service is portion of the value adding activities and Coca-Cola strive to better their client service. The integrating between the local bottlers and bringing to clients is important to the company ‘s overall efficiency and maintaining the clients satisfied ( Coca-Cola Case Study, 2010 ). Therefore, an e-commerce system is taken into history of all the local bottlers in the universe. Direct Shop Delivery ( DSD ), full-service peddling and equipment services are cardinal constituents of bottlers operations in North America ( Coca-Cola Case Study, 2010 ). DSD allows specific sites to convey client information to distributers and with the specific informations it helps to better bringing productiveness and cut down cost. With the integrating, shops can more easy react to their comprehensive scope of client petitions ( Coca-Cola Case Study, 2010 ).

3.2 Support activities

3.2.0 Firm substructure

The legal system in each state brings a major impact to company when fixing the fiscal statements. Different accounting criterion is used in different state. However, Coca-Cola has a individual environment for doing fiscal informations readily accessible to executive direction worldwide ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ). Coca-Cola has implemented mySAP financials and mySAP Business Intelligence into their concern in order to manage the fiscal procedures of the corporation ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ). These IT is to the full implemented in the company ‘s central office, and every field location is equipped with internet capablenesss so that information can be given to and looked up from the centralized site ( Coca-Cola Case Study, 2010 ).

3.2.1 Human Resource Management

Peoples are the of import plus to the company. To forestall the host authorities from interfering, Coca-Cola to the full integrated with the local economic system by developing good dealingss with the authorities, transporting out extended local research and development, and engaging local people ( Wall, S. Minocha, S. & A ; Rees, B., 2010 ). For illustration, the company has partnerships with the Chinese authorities and domestic companies to bring forth a strong market presence.

There are besides a figure of local developing enterprises providing to peculiar regional demands. In China, cultivating human resources means back uping the instruction system and hence Coca-Cola has established a Soft Drink Training Center which cultivated both proficient and concern accomplishments throughout the Chinese industry ( Economic Impact of the Coca-Cola system on China, 2000 ). In India, fixing for future leaders would be the cardinal challenges within the organisation. Graduate Trainee Program is developed for immature professional in order to fix competent, dynamic and dedicated hereafter leaders ( Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, 2004 ).

3.2.2 Technology Development

Technology development is of import as it supports the full value concatenation. The quickly altering engineering such as mechanization, supply concatenation direction and packaging engineering has a enormous impact on the manner Coca-Cola does their concern worldwide ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ). Research and development ( R & A ; D ) is the nucleus committedness and schemes are being modified in attempts to let more freedom to local operating divisions ( Thinking Made Easy, 2010 ). Coca-Cola is puting in engineering merchandise and procedure as new beginnings of competitory strength ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 ). Coca-Cola developed more new merchandises to accommodate the client demands and adapted new techniques to better the bing methods of carry oning value added activities ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 )..

4.0 Future alterations in logistical and value concatenation schemes

Future is ever unpredictable nevertheless there are some cardinal developments that can be identified for the following few old ages. Changes in the macro-environment such as new authorities policies, economic development, new engineering and demographic alterations will impact the organisation procedure system. Hence, Coca-Cola needs to constantly analyze the concern environmental and respond to the alterations.

Companies have to accommodate the new Torahs or policies create by the authorities. For nutrient and drink industry, authoritiess might supercharge houses to follow the jurisprudence on nutrient safety. In China, new jurisprudence stipulates that all nutrient has to make the safety criterions and get down follow new nutrient licence. There have been instances reported in India that Coca-Cola drink was contaminated with lead, pesticides and benzine. To turn to these nutrient safety and regulative issues, Coca-Cola has to go on cheque and prove the content of the drink and implement The Coca-Cola Quality system throughout the system to increase the consciousness of the importance of nutrient safety, non merely in fabrication but besides throughout the full supply concatenation. ( Strategic Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company, 2007 )

Besides that, ongoing rising prices has affected the costs of operation every bit good as the disbursement power of consumers. Consumers may purchase less or exchange to cheaper replacements. In order to keep gross revenues and to maintain the clients, the company has to assign a bigger budget for advanced advertisement, publicity and selling activities.

High per centum of grosss came from outside of the United States. Hence, foreign-currency alterations may impact on the reported net incomes. Translation exposures arise as many of the operations have functional currencies. To get the better of this job, Coca-Cola may follow operational or fiscal hedge schemes which involve forward-exchange contracts and currency options in several states.

Tendencies in drink ingestion might alter as more and more consumers are following a healthy life style. Sweetener drinks are the chief beginning of Calories and it will be harmful if consumed overly. Nutritionist advice consumer non to devour excessively much soft drink such as Coca-Cola because sugar contained is high. The coca-cola company has to react to this tendency by redeveloping their merchandises. For case, it has to cut down the sugar content in its merchandises or incorporate it with fruit juice.

There are some complains claims that the bottles operation cause local H2O polluted and serious H2O deficit in India. Therefore authorities will curtail the sum of H2O used in the bottling company. The company used about 300 billion litres of H2O in their workss to bring forth drinks. To run into their H2O demands while assisting to conserve H2O shed and improves community H2O entree ; be aftering usage of H2O efficiency is needed to pull off the H2O resources sagely.

Technology is acquiring advanced hence make great alterations to logistics and value concatenation. It is an importance beginning of competitory advantage. The company has to maintain update with new engineerings and seek to originate proficient alterations. Changes in engineering will convey major betterment in the logistics and fabricating operations. For illustration, MileMaker, a trucks routing system that generate accurate point to indicate paths, milages and maps across the universe. With this MileMaker, Coca-Cola can minimise operating costs while maximising on-time bringing. ( Rand McNally, n.d. )

5.0 Decision

The Coca-Cola Company has applied a transnational scheme and has shows a great success. “ Think local, act local ” is the mantra that Coca-Cola follows and has designed a value concatenation that gives each state ‘s operations the discretion to react to its local cultural, legal, political and economic environments. Coca-Cola creates value through proactively prosecuting its retail merchants at technically every degree of the value concatenation from natural stuffs down to end-products ( Thinking Made Easy, 2010 ). There will be more challenges in today ‘s market place due to internal and external environment alterations. The universe is altering and Coca-Cola must look in front, continuously look for new ways of making concern in the approaching old ages ; understand the tendencies and analyze countries to be concern hence add value beyond the merchandises in order to last over the following 10 old ages and beyond ( The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010 ).

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