College Education Should Be Free for All Students

Why college is not for everyone, people should have the choice of being able to decide if they want to attend college or find a job. Instead, most teenagers are pressured into college without all the information. College tuition must be paid before attending a class, but how can a student pay for tuition when they do not have the money? The U.S. government should pay for tuition for students who cannot afford it. College should be free just like high school was because there is no difference between the two. The government should have no problem funding education, but they do. Education is important for the future generations to know what came before them and how to handle the future. Not only that, but education can help them pursue careers they love. Free college is not impossible to put into notion.

In Tennessee, free college is not far-fetched. Community colleges are promising free education to every student. The task was not easy. “Free college is a straightforward notion, but complicated one to implement” (Kidd 53), however, it was done with structuring a plan and convincing lawmakers to fund the program. The program not only benefits the students, but the school by drawing in new students. While most colleges do have funds to help students with tuition, books, dorms and much more; the funds are limited. Once a person’s FASFA runs out they must pay for classes on their own. All the hard work a student has put in is now wasted because they cannot finish school. Since the government cannot fund all students, it should be left up to the states to help students out. Many states such as Tennessee have done this to help students wanting an education get one.

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Even though some states have decided to have free education it comes at a big cost. Most people worry about the cost, but the result is much bigger and greater. Students who wanted to attend college would be able to if college was free. It would encourage people to attend even if they know they could not afford it. All the same rules would apply with students who get FASFA and have more penalties to prevent people from abusing the system. It is possible to have college education for every student who cannot afford it. The most students to gradate, the better the economy can be. More people will be working who must pay taxes which in turn helps the government and the people. The answers are there, but not everyone is willing to look for them. However, people who are against the free college education do not think free college is possible.

The government already helps fund colleges for most students to do four years of education. After that, students should be able to find a job in the degree they graduated with. However, going to college does not guarantee anything. Most students cannot find a job immediately and have thousands of dollars in loans. The stress of college is not for everyone and turns most people away from attending. The more people who attend the more expensive college is. “As enrollment at public schools increase, so do the fees. Either more money would have to be given to the schools, or they would have to create waitlists” (Anderson 1). Free tuition could help ease the stress, but there are a lot of cons. However, the pros are the most important when it comes to wanting to go to college.

While college is stressful, many want to attend to have a career in what they love. There are pros and cons to having free college education, but what matters are the students. Debt for young people is rising as college becomes more expensive. College should teach one about finance, but not because they must take out loans. This is the place where students come to learn about life and history, but are greeted with debt. While free education is not free, the money must come from somewhere, it is a start at making education more important in the United States. The notion should be started and put into place. It may seem impossible, but it is not.

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